Dreampath Podcast Episode #79: Darran Bruce on DJ Sessions, Music Rights, Jellicle Cats, and the Importance of Human Connection

Well here is another AWESOME, and hilarious, interview I did with Dreampath Podcast.

FYI it was done via Zoom, but only the audio went up…hahahah.

That was probably the safe thing to do, lol.

Have fun with it.

Darran Bruce is a producer, live streamer, and podcaster behind The DJ Sessions, a live-stream/podcast series featuring the hottest electronic music DJs with live mixes and interviews streamed live to a global audience. As a Featured Partner on TwitchThe DJ Sessions is Twitch’s only regularly-scheduled, featured, live streaming DJ show. The series has a combined live streaming/podcast audience of over 90,000 viewers per week.

What you will learn:

Darran’s role in the DJ world, how he developed his innovative style as a video podcast producer, and what the DJ music scene is really like. [0:00-9:28]

The parallels between live Broadway musicals and DJ performances, and the story behind Darran’s original idea to incorporate video into podcasts. [9:28-20:44]

The benefits and challenges of streaming on Twitch, how to navigate complicated copyright issues and “fair use”, and the hurdles involved in obtaining music licensing. [20:44-30:06]

Why the “fair use” doctrine should rarely if ever be invoked by performers, how fair use becomes more difficult to claim as your popularity grows, and how DJs are able to create original content. [30:06-42:17]

What DJ work will look like in a post-COVID world, and an in-depth breakdown of what a DJ is. [42:17-50:06]

The power of and necessity for human connections and shared musical experiences in a community, what future projects Darran is working on, and what Broadway Musical Darran and Bryan share a love for. [50:06-1:02:42]


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