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Calvin Harris, The Jungle Giants & More: This Week's Best New Music

The | March 10, 2023

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Miley Cyrus – Jaded

Miley Cyrus has officially dropped her highly anticipated album Endless Summer Vacation, and one single in particular is a major standout. Jaded is a scream-your-lungs-out ballad with some funky little additions, like warbling guitars and airy keys. Big vocals, accusatory lyrics and lots of emotion make this song so good, and it’s a classic Cyrus move. Following on from the single release of Flower, which took the world by storm, it’s clear that the pop star is definitely in a break-up era, with lots of slow but thought-provoking songs that were made while doing some serious soul-searching. 


The Jungle Giants – Trippin Up

After releasing a smattering of tracks throughout 2021 and 2022, The Jungle Giants are back with their newest hit, Trippin Up. An uptempo, dance-inspired number that perfectly expands the band’s well-adored pop-infused indie musical footprint. Fast-paced and exciting, Trippin Up vibrates between electro-pop and dance music, peeling back the layer of what fans can expect from their forthcoming body of work.


Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding – Miracle

Initially teasing the song on TikTok, Calvin Harris has finally released his latest single, Miracle, featuring the wonderful Ellie Goulding. Reminiscent of 2000s dance beats with fast pacing and repetitive synths, Miracle takes you right back to the explosion of dance music. Goulding’s vocal performance only adds to the nostalgic feeling. As in most dance songs, the hook in this track is a true standout, with a soft organ and angelic vocals, before smashing into the bass-heavy beats. It’s a regression in many ways for Harris, who came up in the 2000s, and this song sees him blend the unique sounds that made him so famous with all of the things he’s learnt over his 20-year career. 


PNAU, Khalid – The Hard Way

Off the back of the incredible success of their remix of Cold Heart by Elton John, PNAU are back, releasing one of their original songs, The Hard Way, featuring American-soul hit-maker Khalid. The super pop-heavy synth-pop number conjures nostalgic memories of wholehearted ’80s music and definitely takes Khalid in a direction he’s never been before. Generally on to stick to the RnB side of pop, Khalid digs deep into retro-synth pop, matching his vocals to the vibe. PNAU have smashed their usual dance brief out of the water on this track, jumping on the nostalgia bandwagon. 


SAFIA – Today

Taking a small break throughout the pandemic, SAFIA are back with their second single in three years, following the release of last year’s Falling Down. Their new release, Today, sets a new precedent for their music, moving further into the hyper-pop cyber-punk era of their career, with crackling vocals from lead singer Ben Woolner, pulsing beats and heady production. Their heavy Rnb influence, seen in other releases like 2016 album, Internal, is nowhere in sight, and we’re excited to see where this new inspiration will take them.  


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