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Asha Jefferies Reveals Her Favourite Lyrics On New Album 'Ego Ride'

The | April 17, 2024

No one should sound self-assured and in control of their lives and identity at 24 years old. And yet, that’s what Asha Jefferies achieves with her debut album, Ego Ride, released last Friday (12 April).

To celebrate the release of the album, she’s revealed and spoken about her favourite lyrics on Ego Ride. Before we get there, though, some background:

On immediate listens of Ego Ride, Asha Jefferies stands out quickly with her storytelling—especially her humour, confidence (Brand New Bitch) and self-deprecating nature (Keep My Shit Together) amongst stunning, often tender instrumentals and melodies.

In a press release, Jefferies said about Ego Ride, “Looking back, I realised that a lot of the narratives throughout the album are tied to my ego – whether that’s moments where I felt on top of the world or totally crumbled.”

While Ego Ride is her debut album, Jefferies is far from a newcomer to music.

She has two EPs under her belt, opened for Julia Jacklin and Lord Huron, performed at BIGSOUND, Bluesfest, and more, and received recognition in the local music industry, including winning a Queensland Music Award. She has also been a finalist in both the Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition and the International Songwriting Competition (ISC).

For the LP, Jefferies teamed up with longtime collaborator Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music) at Prawn Records in the inner north of Brisbane and created an expansive collection of stories that resonate with listeners.

Below are Jefferies’ favourite lyrics from the album. You can check out the album here, pre-order a physical copy here, and buy tickets to her upcoming album launch tour here.

“I had to give up to start again” – Ego Ride 

Ego Ride is the last song I wrote on the album. It touches on a lot of emotions and moments that tie the album together. This line, in particular, feels like it encapsulates the album’s story: Sometimes, you have to surrender in order to move forward. 

“There’s nothing sexy about feeling alone” – Keep My Shit Together 

I think this line is really funny and true. Tell me what’s less sexy than the feeling of loneliness. 

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“You’ll get so damn good at parking” – Spinning 

This song is me talking to my younger self. There is so much my 16-year-old self would be excited about – like getting to record an album with Sam Cromack from Ball Park Music!? And of course, also that I’m now a certified champion at reverse parallel parking. 

“You kissed me without the warning” – Reply 

Reply is about not being sure what you want and not being sure how to say it. I really like opening the song with this line because it feels so soft and fragile. It also makes me think about the moment right before someone kisses you; you normally feel it coming. So, if it happens out of the blue, what does it mean? Were there no signs, or were you just never looking for them? 

“I’m not shy; I’m just tired” – Cruise Control

This line refers to feeling misunderstood socially sometimes, especially at parties. Just because we’re not always saying something doesn’t mean we don’t have something to say.  

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“Body’s wrapped around something other than the phone line” – Tank Tops

I love singing this line! It’s my attempt at a gentle, sexy line, lol.

“Nothing persists like a love that doesn’t exist anymore” – Golden Hour 

Golden Hour is inspired by the annoying ache when it feels like a love will stay with you forever. It felt like I wanted to jump over the feeling or under it, but I had to ride straight through it to come out the other side. 


Friday 26 April – Workers Club, Naarm/Melbourne

Saturday 27 April – Waywards, Eora/Sydney

Friday 3 May – Valley Loft, Meanjin/Brisbane

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