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Are Ball Park Music & Lime Cordiale Trying To Be The Indie Kendrick & Drake?

The | May 29, 2024

Two of Australia’s favourite indie bands, Ball Park Music and Lime Cordiale have fired up what’s hopefully a fake beef on social media, and fans aren’t impressed unless it leads to a new collab or joint tour.

Posting an unserious clip to Instagram yesterday, Ball Park Music claimed that Lime Cordiale had ripped off their bass line from Coming Down and put it on Inappropriate Behaviour. In the caption, they wrote: “We just want to silence some of the whispers currently floating around amongst industry circles.

“Rest assured, we’re well aware of this. We hate to do it and we have a lot of respect for Lime Cordiale but we’re currently talking to our people to figure out the best step to take from here.”

In response, Lime Cordiale re-posted the video to their Instagram Stories and wrote in a cheeky comment, “We’ve known each other for over 10 years… who cares if we share parts of songs?!!”

Lime Cordiale’s Instagram Stories

Lime Cordiale’s Oli Leimbach then talked about the songs being “super similar” but not identical before bringing up a festival incident they’d never brought up. Ball Park Music replied in the comments, “We won’t answer calls from private numbers… not sure I’d be drawing attention to this.”

The beef escalated with a post by Lime Cordiale sharing a text chain between the two bands, with Ball Park Music screenshotting the messages and writing, “UPDATE – After they were desperately calling us all day we finally decided to break the ice with Lime Cordiale and it was “SuPeR pRoDuCtIvE”

“Productive enough for them to share a screenshot to their story of our DM’s anyway… Said it earlier today but they seem to be loving the (unwanted?) attention.”

Who’s winning the beef? What comes next? You can check out the posts below.

Last Wednesday, Ball Park Music played their final-ever show at The Zoo ahead of the Brisbane venue’s impending closure.

“The Zoo in Brisbane is the first venue we ever played at as a band and since that day, The Zoo has been a place of countless good memories on stage and also as punters,” the band wrote on social media.

They continued, “547 shows later, we couldn’t possibly watch this beautiful venue close the doors permanently without hitting the stage one last time.

“So here we are, performing at The Zoo one last time with special guest Felony. Because we want to, because we need to and because we love it.”

Meanwhile, Lime Cordiale recently made headlines after revealing that they made merchandise out of t-shirts from charity shop Goodwill on their recent US tour.

“It’s actually really cool,” Oli said. “Across the East Coast, we went to a few Goodwills and found blank shirts. You ruffle through and it’s kind of cool because you find cool designs, and then for the last show of the tour in LA, we hired a guy to screen print there, next to the merch desk.

“You can choose your own Goodwill shirt and then print one of Louis’ [Leimbach] designs on the shirt. That’s one way that we’re trying to be a bit more sustainable.”

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