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Apple Stops Beeper Minis iMessage for Android Feature

Mix 247 EDM | December 9, 2023

Apple Blocks Beeper Mini, Disabling iMessage on Android Devices

In a disappointing turn of events for Android users, Apple has closed the loophole that allowed Beeper Mini to bring iMessage functionality to non-iOS devices. As a result, users are reporting that the app has ceased working, displaying error messages indicating a failure to connect to the server.

Beeper, the company behind Beeper Mini, has acknowledged the issue and is currently investigating the cause of the sudden outage. According to Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky, all evidence points to Apple successfully blocking Beeper Mini from functioning properly.

Beeper Mini had gained popularity among Android users for its ability to use reverse engineered iMessage protocols and encryption, enabling them to send iMessages with the coveted blue bubble appearance to their iPhone-using counterparts. The app even supported popular iMessage features such as read receipts, typing indicators, and reactions.

One unique aspect of Beeper Mini was its lack of dependency on an Apple ID, making it more convenient for users. However, this convenience may have come at the expense of security. Unlike other iMessage on Android apps, which require users to sign in with an Apple ID, Beeper Mini relied on a different methodology, potentially leaving users vulnerable.

A blog post by Beeper detailed the app’s methodology and implementation, inadvertently giving Apple insight into how it worked. By communicating directly with Apple’s iMessage servers and registering Beeper users’ phone numbers as iMessage users, Beeper Mini bypassed Apple’s restrictions. However, speculation has circulated for some time that Apple would take measures to shut down such loopholes, and it appears they have found a way to do so.

In light of these developments, Beeper is now evaluating its options to determine the future of the app. It remains to be seen whether they can find a new workaround or if this setback will spell the end for Beeper Mini’s iMessage functionality on Android devices.

As disappointed users await updates on the situation, it is clear that the battle between Apple and innovators seeking to bridge the gap between iOS and Android continues. For now, Android users will have to wait and see if a new solution emerges.

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