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Another Venue In Danger Of Closing Due To Noise Complaints

The | February 28, 2023

The Great Club, a 350-capacity space in Marrickville, NSW, is in danger of closing due to noise complaints within the community.

Running a fundraiser through Chuffed, The Great Club owners explain their current plight and ask the music community to chip in and help with legal fees and sound-proofing requests that have become exorbitant.

“In the two rollercoaster years since opening our doors to the community, we have weathered heavy trading restrictions during a global pandemic, lockdowns, staff shortages and kitchen blunders, but The Great Club has managed to keep afloat.  

“We are a determined team of live music lovers who have always wanted to keep the dream alive for artists, audiences, and our community in spite of all these setbacks,” the introduction to the fundraiser reads.

This venue has hosted the likes of Middle Kids, MAY-A, Urthboy, Speed, Annie Hamilton, Tim Rogers, and many more. 

As Covid-19 restrictions on music venues lifted in the last months of 2022, The Great Club could finally operate as usual again. “But then, in a tale as old as time, a small but vocal few in our area have been repeatedly complaining to the authorities that The Great Club is ‘unsafe for the Marrickville community,’” the fundraiser continues.

The venue adds, “They are on a mission and want to shut us down completely or, at the very least, have restrictions imposed that would mean we couldn’t run successful and safe events in a way our community deserves. 

“This is the voice of an unreasonable minority, some of whom even recently relocated next to our club, which has, in various capacities, been operating here since the 1950s. 

“As a result, we have lost uncountable income from forced reduced operating hours, incurred costly legal fees, are facing potential fines, criminal proceedings, unnecessary and unaffordable sound proofing amendments as well as the serious threat of part of our liquor licence being revoked. YIKES! 

“On the other hand, local council has recently received 100+ letters of support from fellow local businesses, legend regulars, artists and our neighbours about why The Great Club is such an important and valuable contribution to this area. We are one part of the many reasons why Marrickville is such a vibrant, diverse, cultural and creative mecca – not to mention the 10th coolest suburb in the world!”

The Great Club later breaks down the costs they’ve been facing. They’re currently up to $20,000 in legal fees, over $50,000 in lost income, and $10,000 in potential cash fines, but the sound-proofing amendments could really do the venue in, with an expected cost of $200,000 to 250,000 to cover the changes.

You can donate to The Great Club here.


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