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An Insightful Conversation with Country Artist Jolene Harnish

Front Porch Music | September 16, 2023

Storytelling is what makes country music so special, and Jolene Harnish stands as an authentic and emotional storyteller.

With her latest single, “Blueberries,” she masterfully weaves childhood memories into captivating melodies. But what inspired this lyrical journey, and how does it reflect her unique blend of indie and country sounds?

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Jolene’s musical roots run deep, nurtured by a family of musicians who immersed her in diverse genres from an early age. Now, she invites us to discover how her influences have shaped her distinct style and approach to songwriting.

As her career has taken her from intimate performances to the grand stages of major festivals, we explore how she navigates this transition and what she finds most rewarding in the realm of live shows.

In this interview, Jolene Harnish shares her songwriting process, where personal experiences are transformed into relatable and moving songs. Her music is more than just melodies … it’s a true connection with her audience, a journey into emotions, and a testament to the power of following one’s dreams.

Join us for our conversation with Jolene.

An Interview with Jolene Harnish

Front Porch: Can you take us back to the moment of inspiration behind your single “Blueberries”? What was the driving force that led you to turn that cherished childhood memory into a captivating song? 

Jolene Harnish: I’ve been carrying around these themes for a couple of years in the notes of my phone.

Not only do I LOVE blueberries but it’s a special code between my dad and I that I’ve never forgotten.

I lost him 7 years ago, I want to keep this memory alive, and this was the perfect way to do it. The messaging is so sweet, and I thought it would resonate with people and inspire some sweet memories they may have with a loved one.

Front Porch: Your ability to blend indie and country sounds is truly unique. How do you approach merging these genres, and what do you hope listeners will take away from the distinctive sound of “Blueberries”? 

Jolene: I have my team to thank for that.

They took the time to get to know me and what sounds, instruments, feel etc. that I’m drawn to. They also dove into my influences and who I’m currently really liking.

Front Porch: Your journey into the world of music began at an early age, growing up in a family of musicians. How have your musical roots influenced your style and approach to songwriting?

Jolene: Music was very natural for me … and I was exposed to all sorts of genres.

I wasn’t surrounded by songwriters during my childhood, I started dabbling in my 20’s. For me, the first thing to catch my attention with a song is the melody – then it was all about the story … that’s why I was so drawn to Country Music.

I love how it can hit on every emotion.

Front Porch: From performing for guests as a child to gracing the stages of major festivals, your career has seen remarkable growth. How do you handle the transition from intimate performances to larger audiences, and what aspects of your live shows do you find most rewarding?  

Jolene: I actually find it easier to perform in front of larger crowds … so the transition was super fun!

I do, however, really love the smaller intimate settings especially with just a guitar. The rewarding aspects of a live show … so many things!

Making a connection with the audience, interaction with band mates, and most of all, growing as an artist.  

Front Porch: Storytelling is a powerful element in your music. With “Blueberries” being inspired by a special memory, can you share more about your songwriting process and how you transform personal experiences into relatable and moving songs? 

Jolene: I pour my heart out – I don’t leave anything out – I’m an open book! Writing is very therapeutic.

With this catalog of songs, I had amazing co-writers that pushed me to dig deep. The lyrics are truly me and honest and we use that to paint a picture the listener can see themselves in.

Be Sure To Listen To “Blueberries” By Jolene Harnish

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