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Thee-O LIVE on the Virtual Sessions presented by The DJ Sessions

The DJ Sessions Virtual Studios / Seattle [USA] / August 11, 2022 11:00 am

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Date: August 11, 2022 11:00 am
Location: The DJ Sessions Virtual Studios
Address: Seattle USA
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Thee-O started DJing at the young age of 13 and by the time he was 18 in 1992, he started DJing in the thriving underground rave scene of Southern California. He has created a name for himself while changing genres and staying true to his integrity, committing to what he feels is the best in underground dance music. His consistency of skillful mixing and lively scratching has cemented “his sound” regardless of what genres co-mingle in his style.

In addition to his DJing, Thee-O is also an accomplished producer and remixer that have landed tracks on Bedrock, Suara, Perfecto, Looq, Drops and System Recordings to name just a few. His approach to music production mimics his DJing artistry in the aspect that genre comes second over the feeling of the music. Genres and styles are split, shattered and then reformed into songs that work on multiple dance floors.

In January of 2019, Thee-O relocated to Honolulu, Hawaii where he DJed locally across the islands at venues like Nextdoor, Asylum, HB Social Club and Dirty Monkey along with events like Tropical Oasis. In March of 2020 fate brought him back to California but this time he is living in Santa Barbara. Now that the world is opening up again, Thee-O is poised to be traveling to his home town for gigs and also finding himself traveling across the states to spread his West Coast sound. After the lockdowns of the pandemic era, 2022 has found Thee-O playing multiple festivals including EDC, Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity, Shabang, Off The Grid and many more.

While a lot can be talked about when it comes to “Old School,” Thee-O walks the walk. He has accomplished a lot in his 30 years of being a DJ, producer and promoter and somehow he is just getting started. He remains wildly popular while staying firmly planted into the underground scene and not falling into the hype that can surround the current EDM culture. With the move back to California from Hawaii comes new ventures, new collaborations, new tracks, and new ideas. The future is going to be one for the books with lots more to come from this music innovator.