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Reorder at Ora

Ora Nightclub /  Seattle, WA 98121 [US] / August 20, 2022 10:00 pm

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Date: August 20, 2022 10:00 pm
Location: Ora Nightclub
Address: 2330 1st Avenue Seattle, WA 98121 US
Phone: (206) 441-4014
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Tibor Tomecko, p.k.a. ReOrder born May 5th 1984 is a Slovak DJ, record producer, remixer and exclusive artist
of Armada Music. He started producing music in the age of 14. Initially he tried producing various styles but
trance was always the number one choice for him. Released his first single in 2006 and since 2012 music has
become his career.
Without a doubt one of the most active acts and respected artists in the trance scene today. In addition to his
original releases on Armada Music or Blackhole Recordings in past years, ReOrder has also delivered
top-drawer remixes for Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila, MaRLo, Gareth Emery, The Thrillseekers, RAM, Mark
Sixma and many others. His productions have featured on some of the biggest compilations, including A State Of
Trance, Future Sound Of Egypt, Ministry Of Sound, In Trance We Trust, In Search Of Sunrise and more.
In 2018 releases his IAMREADY Artist Album on Blackhole Recordings which received nothing but the praises
from fans and professionals in the scene. With memorable singles like “All Comes Back To You”, “All There Is” or
“Alive Tonight”. Armin van Buuren himself invited ReOrder to feature his Album live on his renowned radio show
A State Of Trance.
Being a TOP10 Beatport seller for the past 5 years, hundreds of thousands of listeners on Spotify ReOrder has
lots to offer! He regularly performs alongside the world’s DJ elite, his productions are widely supported by
prominent DJs and he is no stranger to fans of A State Of Trance with several Future Favorites and Tune Of The
Weeks up his sleeve.
On stage ReOrder’s presence is as equally captivating as it is energetic. He is true born stage entertainer and
always delivers top mixes on top of his performance. During his DJ career ReOrder performed on all major
festivals and club events such as Tomorrowland, Creamfields, Mysteryland, A State Of Trance, Luminosity Beach
Festival, Electronic Family, Trancemission, Future Sound Of Egypt, Beyond Wonderland, Gods Kitchen,
Earthcore and other over 200 shows worldwide since 2016.
In 2016 he started his tour project “READYFORDISORDER” and already brought this trance night to his fans in
Czech Republic, France or Netherlands delivering a true festival feel to the clubs and trance fans. Eight
successful shows in 3 years time put this event on a map of many Trance fans in Central Europe.
ReOrder also works alongside UK producer Standerwick under their SkyPatrol project. As one of the hottest
team-ups in trance, they have delivered hit after hit, and also collaborated with Aly & Fila on their album ‘The
Other Shore’. All of their singles from “Folding Your Universe”, “Sailing Airways”, “Skyres”, “Running” to “Shut
Up!” were always Beatport #1 chart sellers!
Hailing from Martin, Slovakia, Tibor has been crafting his sound since the age of 14. By 2006, he found his sound
in trance and released his first single “No Faith” on Bonzai Music followed by more singles on now closed down
Nulogic Records label. Next up was his collaboration with Eddie Sender “Universum” under resonate recordings
which reached the TOP10 best selling tracks on Audiojelly (at that time one of the prominent electronic music
stores) and received massive DJ support.
January 2008 saw his first vinyl which included the tracks “Experience” and “Sensitivity” released on Wildchild
Records (Baroque Records) and got support by Ferry Corsten, John Askew, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Burren,
Jon o Bir, Matt Darey, Andy Moor, Aly & Fila, Markus Schulz.
2009 ReOrder launches his label Silent Shore Records with purpose of helping young talents to break into the
trance scene. After the sudden passing of his label partner Matt in 2014 he leaves the label and passes the
ownership to US based label Abora Recordings.
Hi first major international recognition came in the end of 2009 when #1 DJ of the world Armin van Buuren
supported his single “Come With Me To Varanasi” on A State Of Trance radio show and it has been selected by
listeners of this show as FUTURE FAVORITE with incredible 17% of all votes.
August 2010 marks another breakthrough when his tunes “Biscay Bay (with Stine Grove)” and “A World Of
Trance” were both playlisted in episode 469 of A State Of Trance radio show!
Same year Ferry Corsten picked single “Angles” as one of the tunes for his compilation “Once Upon A Night vol.
02” with later support by the DJ elite in their live mixes.
His single “Citybeats” was another breakthrough in his career. With support from Armin van Buuren and Above &
Beyond he brought his first official music video:

In October 2011 he succeed with single “White Sands Of Ibiza with Stine Grove”, when it reached first place in
the chart of Czech Danceradio. This tune has also stayed in top 30 over 13 weeks!
Later that year ReOrder joined Paul Oakenfold’s label Perfecto Records (Armada) with his Deep Remix for
“Woody van Eyden & Steve Anderson – Everything’s Twisted” and “Michael S – Mark Me Down”
March 2012, he released his first CD compilation “Flash Forward” on UK’s Perceptive Recordings after several
successful single releases on this label.
May 2012 ReOrder came out with their second collaboration “Seize the Day with Stine Grove” which was several
times played by Armin van Buuren or Dash Berlin. Same year he continued releasing his singles on leading
trance labels such as Monster Tunes, Arisa Audio and his own Silent Shore Records and kept receiving support
from major world DJ’s with each release.
2013 he teams up with Standerwick for their first collaboration “Hidden In A Smile”. Following the support from
DJs and fans alike he brought his second official music video:

A huge leap in his career when he is spotted by #1 DJ in the world at the time Armin van Buuren who selected
his singles “AirBurn” and “Sky Harbour” as Tune Of The Week on a State of Trance followed by another Tune Of
The Week and Future Favorite fan selection for single “Folding Your Universe with Standerwick” among 20 other
ReOrder singles and remixes Armin Van Buuren play-listed on his show that year.
In addition to releases on Subculture: “Seven Colors”, Hands of Time (with Sue Mclaren”), FSOE: “Sailing
Airwaves (with Standerwick”, “Skyres (with Standerwick”) and Who’s Afraid Of 138 (Armada): “The Void (with
Darren Porter)” ReOrder delivered a top-drawer remixes for Aly & Fila, Andy Moor, Max Graham and The Thrillseekers.
2015 releases some of his most memorable singles such as “Where You Hide” with Roxane Emery (his first
single with over million listens on Spotify) or “Shut Up!” under Skypatrol project and remixes for Armin van
Buuren, Solarstone, Johan Gielen or Bobina.
Two of his singles “Zephyr” and “Arms Of Surrender (with Ana Criado)” find their spot on ‘A State Of Trance Ibiza’
compilation by Armin van Buuren
ReOrder releases a Beatport chart #1 single collaboration with “Ferry Tayle” called Tomorroworld on FSOE
widely praised by trance fans and worlds top Trance DJs like Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk and others. Also
two top singles with vocalists Katty Heath and Audrey Gallagher and a stunning remix for Tritonal’s single
“Blackout” showing a slight shift in his musical direction.
His highly acclaimed Beatport chart #1 single “Venice Beach” brings in his third official Music video recorded in
Buenos Aires:

Later that year he performs biggest trance event in Czech Republic: Transmission, in front of 16 000 people!
Getting married and working on his first Artist Album in 2017 ReOrder takes some time off touring yet bringing
five stunning singles like “Spirit Of Ecstasy” or “Together We Are” and collaborations with Ram “Opus Dei” on
FSOE or Driftmoon “Slovakboys” on Who’s Afraid Of 138 (Armada Music). 3 Beatport chart #1 singles in a very
busy year for ReOrder.
Aside from original singles ReOrder delivers highly appreciated Remix for legendary trance single by Gareth
Emery “Concrete Angel (with Christina Novelli)” that quickly became fans favourite and is almost hitting 1 million
listens on Spotify!
Same year he releases first Remix for Armin van Buuren, MaRLo or Mark Sixma.
Same year ReOrder becomes the first Slovak DJ ever to play on worlds famous festival Tomorrowland among
others. Mixes his first CD compilation for legendary ‘Trance Energy’ and ‘Technoclub’ brands.
2018 – Now
After releasing singles “Desert Rose’ and “Daydream” on Grotesque Music and “Beyond Time” on Pure Trance in
2018 ReOrder releases his first Artist Album: “IAMREADY” on Blackhole Recordings and adds Creamfields and
Mysteryland on the list of world’s top Festivals he performs at.
ReOrder gets under the close radar of Armin van Buuren who supports this singles vastly and receives an
invitation to his radio-show for a live guestmix and interview about the Album:

His featured album single “All Comes Back To You” receives nothing but praise from professionals and fans
alike. Followed by the success of this single ReOrder releases very heart warming music video:

. Single is quickly picked up by Solarstone who took on a remix duty with his Pure
Second Album single “All There Is” in the end quickly becomes favourite single of Armin van Buuren!
End of 2018 ReOrder starts a worldwide IAMREADY Album tour bringing his sound to countries like USA,
Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Poland, Romania or Slovakia among others.
2019 ReOrder remixes Armin van Buuren’s single “Lonely For You” with Bonnie McKee which Armin himself
picks as his personal favourite and plays this remix on all major festivals worldwide. His musical works brought
the attention of one of the biggest dance music labels Armada Music which signs ReOrder as one of their
Exclusive Artists.
Third album single “Alive Tonight with Emma Chatt” comes out same year with amazing music video showing
snippets of ReOrder’s entire DJ career:

His single “All There Is” and the remix for Armin van Buuren both appear on A State Of Trance 2019 compilation
followed by his remix for trance classic “Atlantis – Fiji” featured on A State Of Trance Ibiza 2019 compilation!
Same year he delivers remixes also for Ram, Jorn van Deynhoven, Atlantis and Markus Schulz (to be released)
and collaborations “The Truth (with Exis)” and “Meteorite with Katty Heath”.
His latest single Goodbye with remix from Omnia quickly catches the heart of Trance fans and receives 25k
listens on Spotify in the first week since out.
March 2019 ReOrder becomes the first international DJ to ever perform in Hue, Vietnam. In 2019 he Performs on
Festivals such as Cityfest, Euforia Festival, Luminosity Beach Festival, EDMania and many other shows worldwide.

Reorder at Ora