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Niki Sadeki at Ora

Ora Nightclub /  Seattle, WA 98121 [US] / December 17, 2022 10:00 pm

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Date: December 17, 2022 10:00 pm
Location: Ora Nightclub
Address: 2330 1st Avenue Seattle, WA 98121 US
Phone: (206) 441-4014
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The event

Niki Sadeki is a self-taught, high-spirited creative, emboldened by the ideas, minds and sounds
scattered in her midst. At the core of it all, a desire to connect people – be it through rhythm, events,
or materializing projects. Whether DJ, radio host, event organizer, label collaborator, curator and
producer, Niki moves along with spontaneity, and a get things done ethos.

As a DJ, she’s gradually amplified a signature sound fluidly grounded in deep, progressive, up and
downtempo ranges. What carries her sets has less to do with genre and more to do with isolating a
mood, and building up different currents around it. Her love for selecting and spreading these moods has
seen her found Deep House Vancouver, join the Quetame label ranks, host the Allure show on Frisky
Radio, and produce sets for channels around the world, sprinkling the pages of United We Stream,
trndmsk, Deep House London and Balance Series. Niki also curates Souq Record’s glistening annual
compilation, Mirror for the Sun.

From her days expressing herself on the guitar, raiding her parents’ records, and exploring the worlds of
grunge, jazz or psychedelic rock, and traditional Persian music, she’s carried over the knack for
complementing dark and light frequencies, gliding in between without shying away from diving in.
Niki travels with a spring in her steps, leaving her mark at spaces like Fusion Festival, Kater Blau, Village
Underground London, Shelter Amsterdam, Woomoon Ibiza and Storytellers Tulum, The Cityfox
Experience, Do Not Sit on the Furniture, and regularly at Gorg-O-Mish in her native Vancouver, where
mountains, ocean and city converge. Her down to earth and steady love for sound has shaped a
willingness to always adapt to the situation at hand, making the best out of it on a musical and a human

Niki Sadeki at Ora