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New Year Eve 2023 with Gabriel & Dresden + Friends A Masquerade Affair at Ora

Ora Nightclub /  Seattle, WA 98121 [US] / December 31, 2022 9:00 pm

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Date: December 31, 2022 9:00 pm
Location: Ora Nightclub
Address: 2330 1st Avenue Seattle, WA 98121 US
Phone: (206) 441-4014
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Gabriel & Dresden 

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******Gabriel & Dresden******

A shared passion for music brought Gabriel & Dresden together after a chance meeting on a Miami rooftop during the Winter Music Conference in 2001. As a duo, the two fit like some kind of creative yin and yang, quickly rising to the top of the electronic music genre and winning the coveted “Best American DJ” prize twice by the International Dance Music Awards (IDMAs) as well as creating a dominating string of timeless hit songs and remixes in the studio.

Conjuring an artful amalgam of trance, techno, house and pop that transformed the landscape of 21st century EDM; Josh Gabriel, with his formal training in music composition from California Institute for the Arts and the Netherlands’ Institute of Sonology, and Dave Dresden, with an esteemed club DJ career that included work as a Billboard club chart reporter, music director for a prominent online radio station, and a curator for the legendary Pete Tong’s Essential Selection, struck a genuine synergy that captivated listeners around the world.

Their smash hit in spin-off project Motorcycle, “As the Rush Comes”, topped Billboard’s “Hot Dance Airplay” 2004 year-end chart and landed at #11 in the UK Singles Chart. Their compilation, Bloom turned heads globally, while their self-titled artist album that featured “Tracking Treasure Down” (with vocalist Molly Bancroft) and “Dangerous Power” (featuring Jan Burton) both screamed into the #1 slot onto Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart, solidifying their status as leaders. Everybody from Britney Spears and Madonna to Annie Lennox, Sarah McLachlan, Tiësto and Above & Beyond sought them out for official remixes, while the likes of FX and Rockstar Games licensed their music to enhance their visual narratives.



Passion is the artist’s calling card, no matter the medium, and that’s a truth Kevin Durante recognizes above all else. His music has clutched the attention of listeners globally via releases on a multitude of international record labels including Anjunadeep, W&O Street Tracks, Earthly Delights, Nice Age, and Openers. Perhaps his Italian roots push the producer/DJ to seek a higher beauty, but with more than a decade of creation, experimentation, and discovery behind him, his personal journey has taught him not to fear honesty. He’s put all his cards on the table and thrown caution to the wind more than once for his work. He knows to embrace his perspective and bare himself openly and honestly in his music and his mixes, because audiences can tell real from fake, and he didn’t come all this way to paint by numbers. As a producer and DJ, he’s drawn to the edge and intersections of house and techno. Raw rhythm and bass under tonal melodies resonates with his version of musical honesty. His style isn’t built on contrived pop formulas or lyrics about eternal youth. Instead, he starts with time-honored four on the floor, elaborates with thumping bass, builds mood with melodic chords, and garnishes with tribal percussive textures. Equally inspired by the compositions of Duke Ellington, classic Italo-disco, and early Cocoon records, Durante strives to create a body of work as versatile as his experiences.


Karin Bash


It’s all about that inherent groove…..if it makes me want to groove or dance, I play it, I hope you dance too ❤
Karin’s love of music started early. Having grown up surrounded by family members’ bands, music was always an integral part of her life. She fell in love with dance music when the local independent radio station played Praga Khan and Lords of Acid, followed by Faithless and The Crystal Method. She soon found the dance floor nearly every night of the week, and when she moved to LA in 2002 her friends taught her how to mix records. She quickly started dj’ing at the clubs in LA, and also had the honor of playing one of her very first shows on the analog sound system at Stereo Montreal; as well as in San Francisco and Spain.
Karin loves to dance, and wants to bring the infectious energy she feels from the music to the dance floor. She is a journey dj, deeply influenced by Sasha’s creativity and his sets with John Digweed. She is a dancer at heart, so the music she plays has to have that “inherent groove”. Her sets range from deep, melodic, techy, progressive grooves, to trance and techno, with usually some breaks thrown in as well.
If the floor is having a good time, she is happy. If they are losing their minds to what they are hearing, even

New Year Eve 2023 with Gabriel & Dresden + Friends A Masquerade Affair at Ora