The DJ Sessions


densityVR [USA]
Venesa Hallum from densityVR for THe DJ Sessions


Like many others, the year 2020 taught me to reshape many aspects of life. It taught me how to find an alternative to making friends and normal human contact. In that time I had just moved to Germany from the USA, a move which turned out to be more of an adventure than planned.

There was no way to make friends when the country is in lockdown, then I discovered VR, and it saved me from the routine sadness of that time period.

I learned that through VR I could not only learn to create incredible virtual places, but also hang out in them and find community with people from all around the world. It occurred to me that VR could be used for more than just fun.

It could be an incredible tool to breakdown borders and expand our opportunities. So, I left my career as a mechanical engineer and started creating in VR for businesses who want to expand their reach around the world.

densityVR brings businesses into virtual reality. We know what it takes to create and implement your virtual needs, thus elevating your business and customers to the next-level virtual experience.

The metaverse is growing, and densityVR is using this opportunity to improve how the world operates.