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DJ Dangerish - Resident DJ on The DJ Sessions


DJ Dangerish (Eric McNees) is a DJ, producer, audio engineer, music video/film producer, and just an all around great looking Seattle based friend.

He started his music career playing guitar and writing songs in pop punk and emo bands from Spokane in the 2000s, with a first love in electronic music a’la big beats of The Crystal Method, The Chemical Brothers and Fat Boy Slim.

DJ Dangerish - Resident DJ on The DJ Sessions

In 2019 Eric began working directly with local Seattle Hip Hop artists such as Seven Da Pantha, collaborating, and remixing music of the Seattle scene.

He brings Hip Hop to EDM, mixing up Tech House, Trance, PsyTrance, Big Beat with Hip Hop, Trap, and especially some of that Old School Boom Bap.
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DJ Dangerish & DA33L€ on the "7B's Brunch" Sessions presented by The DJ Sessions at the Queen Anne Beer Hall 7/3/21 play_arrow
DJ Dangerish & DA33L€ ...
DA33L€/DJ Dangerish | 2021




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