The DJ Sessions


7B’s Brunch Series

The DJ Sessions presents to you and your friends one of the best brunches in the city better known as the 7B’s Brunch

Benedicts, Buttermilk, Burgers, Beers, Bloody’s, Bacon, and Beats Brunch.

Every Saturday starting at 11am and start you day with and awesome assortment of menu items that will make your mouth water while at the same time be part of one of the world’s most popular live streaming DJs series.

The best thing is that you and your friends can still enjoy a great brunch without having to talk over loud music because we use “Silent Concert/Disco” headsets so it doesn’t disturb your amazing day or add an extra “thump” to your existing hangover.

Additional headsets can be rented and group discounts are available.

Each headset is sanitized and only used one time per event.

If you would like to purchase a pair for yourself let the TDJS staff know and you can have your own that you can use at any of our events.

You can join us in the chat room when we are live by going to and be a part of the show.

To rent headsets click on the button below, enter the price ($10 for one, $20 for two, etc, etc.).
We will confirm your order when you arrive and get your headset(s) to you so you can get on the dance floor and not miss a beat.

In addition to the 7B’s Brunch you will find more of events below that The DJ Sessions has every week.

Silent Concerts, Secret  Sessions, and the Mobile Sessions are just a few things we have going on around the city to get you and your friends out of the house and dance.