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Psy-Phy Bob and MC SakeOne on The DJ Sessions, Compound Records, and the Waterland Arcade presents “Attack the Block” 7/13/21

Psy-Phi Bob/MC SakeOne | July 13, 2021

Psy-Phy Bob and MC SakeOne on The DJ Sessions, Compound Records, and the Waterland Arcade presents “Attack the Block” 7/13/21

About Psy-Phy Bob –

SOMA /Serial Grillaz/Order of the Trance As a longtime staple and die-hard supporter of the midwest culture, Psy-phi has been producing music since 1999 and started spinning records in 2001, quickly learning the in’s and outs – proving time and time again to the dancefloors that his signature style of music mixed with an arsenal of scratches and drops makes Psy-phi a solid artist and performer. With a background in electronics and all things circuit laden his attention to detail draws a neverending list of influences that will make any listener shake dem boots. Pay attention, this individual is on track to make yer world super bass sexified. Nuff said. About MC SakeOne – MC SakeOne Squadron DnB Sake One is a Hip Hop/DnB/Dubstep/Breakbeat MC currently based in the U.S.A. He is a multi faceted lyricist with many styles and a strong delivery. He is known mostly for his ability to rhyme over just about any beat thrown at him and have precise timing regardless of knowing the track being played or not, as well as for his superior freestyle abilities in many different forms of music. Originally coming from the hip hop realm of MC’s his style is aggressive at times and thoughtful at others. Him also being a graff artist, music and art the two things that has always stayed gold in his life and is and always will be a major part of his heart and soul. Sake One’s past projects include: Playing throwing shows in the NW working with and co-running Jungle Empire Productions as well as working with V2 events In Salt Lake City and becoming part of the Drumlojik DnB crew in SLC. Sake was also a part of the music project/band TRUnorTH. Currently he is working with the Headyworks to bring sounds to the inland NW and beyond as well as one of the founders of the Squadron DnB crew In Seattle to bring that Seattle DnB sound. BE ON THE LOOKOUT!

About “The DJ Sessions” –

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