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LUZI TUDOR on The DJ Sessions presents “Silent Disco Saturdays” 11/29/20

LUZI TUDOR | November 29, 2020

LUZI TUDOR on The DJ Sessions presents “Silent Disco Saturdays” 11/29/20


LUZI TUDOR is a Romanian Melodic House and Techno DJ and Producer living in LA.  Her journey into music started at an early age where she found solace in the night life and rave scene as a refugee from a torn country that encouraged a wildly creative imagination, resilience and hard work ethic.

Growing up  in Germany and Portugal after the fall of the regime in Romania, she settled in the U.S. she started her “after work” career at the age of 22 as a promoter and talent booker for some of Seattle’s major dance clubs. Here she became close friends with many of today’s Dance music’s movers and shakers that would ignite and encourage her love for music.

Working nights in the music scene didn’t take away her smarts or ambition where she spent her days building engineering teams for large enterprise companies such as Microsoft. Shortly after her success in the corporate world, she built her own successful and leading technology company in the behavioral health space.

Despite having an extremely successful career as a tech entrepreneur she decided after many years in the underground scene to embark on her love for DJing and producing. Honing in on her knack for technology has been an advantage at learning how to produce.

She brings a stealth and lightning speed intelligence for understanding the technical side of DJing and producing that undoubtedly complements her natural artistic talent and musical ear.

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  • Stephan Jolk - Analogy
  • Jeremy Olander - Lunar
  • Soul Brucke - Banana Behavior (Original Mix)
  • Steve Bug - Loverboy (Josh Wink Remix)
  • NekliFF - Soul
  • Son of Raw - A Black Man In Space (Sax Remix)
  • Polli Ji - Loverdose
  • Agoria - Scala
  • Cid Ink - Change is the Only Constant (Mixed)
  • DJ Pierre ft. Felicia - Come Together (What Is House) [DJ Vivona Remix]
  • Gordon Truerock - Dee Bop
  • DJ WestBeat - The Void (Fadi Remix)
  • Dragos - Opera (Original Mix)
  • Monolink - Black Day (Adam Beyer Remix)
  • Lilly Palmer - Excess
  • Radio Slave - Wait A Minute
  • Geinst - Ecnart Fantasy
  • Trish Van Eynde - Goon (Revisited)
  • WiNK - Higher State Of Consciousness (DJ's Hardhouse Remix)
  • Namito - Culture Shock (Bebetta Remix)
  • ARTBAT - Upperground
  • Peggy Lee - Why Don't You Do Right
  • DJ Kone & Marc Palacios - I Will Survive (Radio Edit)
  • Chinese Flash Mob ft. Alixander III - Fade 2 Black (Beckwith Remix)
  • Anhauest & Who Else - Omamori
  • Me-High-Low - Saxologic