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DJ KP on The DJ Sessions presents Silent Disco Sunday’s 9/26/20

DJ KP | September 26, 2020

DJ KP on The DJ Sessions presents Silent Disco Sunday’s 9/26/20

About DJ KP –

The Story of DJ KP


DJ KP moved to San Diego and that is when he was first exposed to West Coast music; especially remixes. He began to mess around with basic mixing software in his dorm room and started making mixes of his own.


He moved back to Kansas City and had the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain. He was overwhelmed with the dance music scene out there. He fully embraced it and submerged himself in it. The time spent there changed his life forever. Unfortunately, when he came back from Barcelona he contracted Mono and was out of commission for a month. His sister bought him a very basic audio mixer to help pass the time. Little did she know, her actions lit an internal fire that would drive KP to pursue music and never look back.


At this point, he had gotten the hang of basic mixing and his roommate at the time Deep Singh was mastering the Dholi (Indian Drum). With the help of parental investors, they got together and decided to form DK Productions. They had the equipment and they hit the streets to market the brand. Soon after, they started getting their first gigs, and from there the rest was history. This was the time when DJ KP first chose the name Dj eKleCtic.


(More with DK Productions) With each event, they got better and better.  Together Deep and DJ KP would bounce ideas off each other and integrate them into their sets. At this time, DJ KP started working his own own club gig/events and started really getting his eKleCtic name and brand out there.


He decided to leave Kansas City and move to Seattle. That first year in Seattle he was going to concerts left and right: hip hop, edm, trap, etc. You name it and he was there. He was taking it all in, gaining influence on how to build a set and captivate a crowd. These years were spent mainly in the studio perfecting his craft and working on mixes to share with the world. During this time he was doing a lot of pre-made mixes for friends and old customers back in KC.


He decided to retire Dj eKleCtic and rebrand as DJ KP. He is a different person with a much different approach to how he djs now. He has been influenced by so many artists in the last 9 years and has used those experiences to help nurture his own fusion style. You can find DJ KP playing all over Seattle, whether it be a silent disco, a private Indian event, or late nights at The Monkey Loft.

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