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Miris at Golden Gardens - Business sponsor of The DJ Sessions
Location: Miri’s
Address: 8498 Seaview Pl NW Golden Gardens Park Seattle, WA 98117 US
Phone: (360) 317-8530


Collectively, Miri and Gabe have over 20 years of cooking experience, though their individual experiences have been much different. Miri has spent most of her twenties living on Orcas Island getting involved in the intimate relationship between the land and the dinner table.

She spent time in kitchens, in fine dining rooms, and as a vendor in the Eastsound Farmers Market. Gabe spent his twenties working in some Seattle’s top kitchens as well as Foraged and Found edibles, a wild foods company.

Since 2015, they have put their minds and hearts together to build a unique, homegrown business to serve the Seattle community. In 2018 they opened a beach cafe at Golden Gardens Park, located on the south end of the bathhouse.

The menu features handmade flatbread, grilled kebab, and Poffertjes, tiny Dutch pancakes as well as locally made paletas and popsicles and housemade slushees and lemonades.

They also sell Poffertjes, at local farmers markets (where they got their start!) Lastly, we they own a catering business that puts its emphasis on local, in season products and the needs of its clients.

We can tend to small, intimate gathering or larger celebrations.