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Victoria Simmonds ‘Still A Long Way To Go’

Right Chord Music | June 2, 2023

Victoria Simmond’s latest retro power ballad. Victoria Simmonds – ‘Still A Long Way To Go’

‘Whisper to me, through the fallen leaves…’ begins Victoria Simmonds’s latest release ‘Still A Long Way To Go’. It’s a line that sets the tone for a song that has a tendency towards the grand and poetic but also covers some interesting ground. It’s not entirely a love song, nor a breakup song, but rather a ‘things are tough, let’s see how we go’ sort of song. But supporting each other through rough times is something we can all relate to. 

Victoria Simmonds is a British singer-songwriter, often found covering emotional and mental-health-inspired subject matter. After her 2020 debut album, she’s found herself performing around Europe and steadily releasing singles.

‘Still A Long Way To Go’ is a heartfelt power ballad with some vintage influences and epic aspirations. 

Simmonds’ lyrics paint a picture of a turbulent relationship with a sense of grandeur, admitting ‘others may not understand’ but that they must ‘see how far our ships can sail’. Familiar pop melodies back up hopeful sentiments like ‘you will dry my eyes and will nurse your broken heart’, but there’s a sense of melancholy as she admits there’s ‘still a long way to go’. Simmonds’ vocals are effective, and soulful showing off some high belting capabilities. 

The production is centred around echoing beats, reminiscent of a heartbeat. There are some emotive piano chords, and guitars that deliver moody support and tense, thrumming lines. There’s also some strong backing vocal work, particularly in the haunting ‘oohs’. The power ballad style and epic echoes bring to mind more vintage artists like Bonnie Tyler, though there are shades of more current acts like Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey as well. An accessible track if you’re in the mood for it. 

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