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EXO Members Reunite to React to KAI’s New ‘Rover’ Music Video: Watch

Billboard | March 15, 2023

To celebrate EXO member KAI dropping his latest solo album Rover, nearly all his band members came together for a light-hearted reaction viewing of his new music video.

For the first time together in years — after different members handled their mandatory Southern Korean military service from 2019 to 2023 — EXO’s SuhoBaekhyunChenChanyeolD.O, Xiumin, Sehun and KAI gathered as eight to review KAI’s new single, gain some insight from their bandmate, and tease upcoming EXO music.

Despite being active with solo albums and special releases, EXO has not released music together as a whole group (which includes ninth member Lay, who is currently active in China) since 2018 with their sixth studio album, Don’t Mess Up My Tempo, which became their highest-charting entry on the Billboard 200 when it peaked at No. 23.

Despite the friendly viewing, KAI admitted his nerves and how it was the first time watching one of his solo music videos with his members. “I feel so nervous,” he shared. “It feels like an evaluation session. It feels really odd.”

Yet his band mates showered KAI with compliments on his dancing (Xiumin said, “I love that choreography”), single choice (“The song is so good,” commented D.O), and future success with “Rover” (Chanyeol said, “This should make it to the Billboard charts”).

After applauding at the end, several EXO members shared additional reviews.

“First of all, I really like the style of the song,” youngest member Sehun said. “The choreography is good. I think the producing was great too. Everyone agrees, right?”

Chen added, “From what we’ve seen from KAI before, we know he’s a great performer but from this music video, I was also able to see more of KAI as a person, like his acting, the whole atmosphere. I think it’s fair to say I could feel that he’s matured more. I could see a more manly side.”

“I loved it because it seemed like you relaxed more,” Baekhyun, a member of SuperM with KAI, said. “You went for less. I liked how I could tell you did that.”

Chanyeol even suggested that the guys “make this an EXO song” and “choose this as our next song,” a tease for their highly anticipated comeback album together. KAI shared that he “actually really mentioned that” suggestion before Chanyeol brushed off the idea and countered that “only KAI can pull this off.”

Before the video ends, EXO leader Suho shared a heartfelt message while asking fans to support KAI’s new music: “We, EXO, will always be rooting for him by his side as well.”

Watch the full reaction video for why KAI chose to shorten his new single, different movie and dance inspirations in the visual, and more from the EXO members.

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