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Tripdubb on the “7B’s Brunch” Sessions presented by The DJ Sessions at the Queen Anne Beer Hall 5/8/21

Tripdubb | May 8, 2021

Tripdubb on the “7B’s Brunch” Sessions presented by The DJ Sessions at the Queen Anne Beer Hall 5/8/21

About Tripdubb –

In a dark corner of the Pacific Northwest hides the post-apocalyptic ruins of a once bustling metropolis that is now home to what remains of the human race. Where warring tribes of survivors fight for control of the world’s remaining technology and music is traded as currency.

From a dark and gritty soundscape a silhouette emerges, the lone figure on a battle shaken stage. Bass bins tower over the masses in formation. Ready to strike.

Clouds of smoke rise from the crowd. The silence threatens the safety of all that is left. Our hero springs to action, hacking in to the local sound grid.

Security systems trace the breach to known member of The Midnight Sons, username tripdubb, but are unable to shut down the arsenal of Breakbeats, Drum and Bass, Glitch and other sound collateral now broadcasting across every speaker in the district.

The DJ Sessions and the Queen Anne Beer Hall have teamed up to bring you one of the best brunches in the city better known as the 7B’s Brunch…


Every Saturday starting at Noon you can come to the “Hall” and start you day with and awesome assortment of menu items that will make your mouth water while at the same time be part of one of the world’s most popular live streaming DJs series.

The best thing is that you and your friends can still enjoy a great brunch without having to talk over loud music because we use “Silent Concert/Disco” headsets so it doesn’t disturb your amazing day or add an extra “thump” to your existing hangover.

Free headsets are available (and limited in supply) with a minimum food/beverage tab and you better get here early to get a table and save room for your friends.

Additional headsets can be rented and the price varies depending on your food beverage purchase.

Each headset is sanitized and only used one time per event.

If you would like to purchase a pair for yourself let the TDJS staff know and you can have your own that you can use at any of our events.

You can join us in the chat room when we are live by going to thedjsessions.com/live and be a part of the show.

In addition to this amazing event we do every week The DJ Sessions has teamed up with Bloodworks NW.

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked our daily lives and left our public health system scrambling to ensure the safety of patients and the stability of our blood supply. Now we have an urgent need for blood donors. Will you lead by example and be someone’s lifeline?

The DJ Sessions and Bloodworks Northwest have come together to support our community’s blood supply. Please be a Life-Saving Hero and make an appointment TODAY!

Donate to make your impact count toward The DJ Sessions.

Step 1. Make a donation appointment by going to bloodworksnw.org/donate or call 800-398-7888.

Step 2. On the day of your donation, let the registrar know that you are donating on behalf of The DJ Sessions by providing this code: TDJS

Donating blood is an essential and encouraged activity critical to sustaining community healthcare, especially during emergencies. Your one-hour donation appointment is a safe action to support local hospitals and patients. Pop-Up Donor Centers are being conducted in accordance with social distancing guidelines. There is no deferral to donate after receiving the Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer, or AstraZeneca vaccines

No walk-ins, guests, or people under age 16 are permitted onsite. Donors are asked to bring a mask to your donation.

In addition to the 7B’s Brunch you will find more of events below that The DJ Sessions has every week.

Silent Concerts, Attack the Block, and the Mobile Sessions are just a few things we have going on around the city to get you and your friends out of the house and dance.

About “The DJ Sessions” –

“The DJ Sessions” is a online/downloadable series featuring the hottest electronic music DJ’s with live mixes and interviews, streamed live to a global audience. Check out the website: www.thedjsessions.com With over 1,900 episodes produced over the last eight years “The DJ Sessions” has featured international artists such as: BT, Simon Patterson, Morgan Page, Jes, David Morales, Thievery Corporation, Sander Van Dorn, GAWP, Somna, Roxanne, Reboot, Scotty Boy, Jody Wisternoff, Benny Bennasi, Christopher Lawrence, Oliver Twizt, Ricardo Torres, Alex Harrington, 4 Strings, Sunshine Jones, Elite Force, Revolvr, Kenneth Thomas, Paul Oakenfold, George Acosta, Reid Speed, TyDi, Donald Glaude, Jimbo, Ricardo Torres, Hotel Garuda, Bryn Liedi, Rodg, Kems, Mr. Sam, Steve Aoki, Funtcase, Dirtyloud, Marco Bailey, Dirtmonkey, Crystal Method, Beltek, Dyro, Andy Caldwell, Darin Epsilon, Kyau & Albert, Kutski, Vaski, Moguai, Blackliquid, Sunny Lax, Matt Darey, and many more. In addition to featuring national/international artists “The DJ Sessions” featured hundreds local top DJs from their homebase of Seattle. We have also undergone a massive upgrade in our TDJS studios and to our TDJS Mobile Studio to full HD streaming and HD audio to make the quality of the shows even better than before. Along with that we have launched a new website that now features our current live streams and past episodes in a much more user friendly social environment. About The DJ Sessions Event Services – TDJSES is a WA State Non-profit charitable organization that’s main purpose is to provide music, art, fashion, dance, and entertainment to local and regional communities via events and video production programming distributed through broadcast television and the internet for live and archival viewing. “The DJ Sessions” is a Twitch “Featured Partner” series and has been recognized by Apple twice as a “New and Noteworthy” and “Featured Video” podcast. UStream and Livestream have also listed TDJS as a “Featured” stream in their lineups. TDJS’s combined live streaming/podcast audience is over 90,000 viewers per week. For all press inquiries regarding “The DJ Sessions”, or to schedule an interview with Darran Bruce, please contact us at info@thedjsessions.com

  • Tiësto - The Business _ 220 The Kid Remix
  • DiscoVer - Can't Get You Out of My Head _ DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix
  • Softmal $ LLolita - The True French Beret
  • Nytron & Zmark - Disco Life
  • Milk and Sugar - Let The Sun Shine _ Purple Disco Machine
  • Buba'Loo - Lownely Heart
  • Nytron feat. Zmark - Red Shoes
  • Softmal & Nytron - Night
  • Softmal & Nytron - L.O.V.E.
  • Softmal & Nytron - The Sun
  • Dian Solo - Venus feat Eva Maria
  • Dian Solo Feat Teddy K. - Express Yourself
  • Softmal & Nytron - One Two Three
  • DJ Blackstone Feat A Taste of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie _ Softmal $ Nytron Remix
  • Nytron & Buba'Loo - Into That Groove
  • Bugatti Music - Coke $ Jam
  • Softmal, Nytron & Avrupts - Wayward Son
  • DiscoVer & No Hopes - Toxic _ Club Mix
  • Buba'Loo - Loop Fantasia
  • Natty Rico Feat Dusty Fuller - California Love
  • Dian Solo - Highway To Hell
  • Nytron & Sugar Hill - Saturday Night
  • Softmal & Nytron - Rain
  • Sean Finn & DJ Blackstone - Cry a Little _ DJ Blackstone Remix
  • Dian Solo - Stupid Girl
  • Jerome Robbins - Loves Me Better
  • Sean Norvis & KP London - Sweet Child of Mine _ Andaro Remix
  • Some DJ & Mr. Chombee - It's Summertime
  • Young MC - Bust a Move - Stickybuds Remix
  • Defkline & Red Polo vs. Dancefloor Outlaws - Spinning Wheels
  • Ocelus - Scrubby Dubby
  • Chaka Khan feat Michael McDonald - You Belong to Me
  • Duke Dumont - Inhale _ Mxxwll Remix