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Think Twice

Think Twice - DUI Prevention - Business sponsor of The DJ Sessions
Location: Think Twice
Address: P.O. Box 1831 Bellevue, WA 98009 US
Phone: (866) 657-5658


The Think Twice mission is to reduce the DUI rate by helping people make more informed decisions. It is common to hear people say they, “feel” they are below 0.08% BAC, but for most of us, it is difficult to know for sure. If a single-use, reliable DUI test is made widely available to the public we have given everyone an opportunity to think twice about drinking and driving

Why Think Twice?

We should all Think Twice™ about drinking and driving but each year over a MILLION people are arrested for DUI charges in the United States. Death and damages contribute to a cost of $52 Billion per year, and as a response, state legislatures have increased mandatory minimum penalties, especially for repeat offenders. Alcohol-serving establishments and their employees are also responsible for following increasingly stringent alcohol serving rules and businesses that are cited for public safety violations risk suspension and possible revocation of their liquor license. Most importantly, drinking and driving cost lives.


As the leading provider of DUI Prevention solutions throughout the US and Canada, Think Twice is working closely with the hospitality industry to promote adoption of our campaign and you can help us reduce drinking and driving.

When you get involved with Think Twice, your efforts and support will directly help save lives by preventing DUI’s. To make a difference in stopping DUI’s you can join our organization, be a sponsor, donor, or volunteer. Your involvement with Think Twice will positively impact those in your community.

It will take collaboration between the hospitality industry, state and local governments, and the public to significantly reduce the DUI rate. The Think Twice team wants to hear from you!