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Watch Post Malone tattoo a penis on Steve-O’s face at Bonnaroo

NME » Music | June 18, 2024

Steve-O has recruited Post Malone to tattoo a penis on his face while at Bonnaroo festival. Check out footage of the moment below.

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The idea emerged earlier this month, when the Jackass star revealed to fans that he was going to get Posty to put the ink on his face for his 50th birthday.

“Post Malone’s gonna tattoo a dick on my forehead,” he told Page Six in an interview, explaining how he wants to celebrate the birthday. “That’s the plan. He asked, ‘Is it going to be a chode?’ And I don’t even know what a chode is!”

He also said that he wanted to do it because “the bar for my comedy is pretty high these days” and he was determined to top all of his previous stunts.

“My last comedy special — I had a four-inch needle in my spine, where they injected a drug to paralyse me. And then I took off running after the injection. So I became paralysed while I was in a full sprint.”

Now, as seen in a new video on TMZ, it looks like the tattoo finally happened over the weekend (Sunday June 16).

In the clip, Post Malone is seen leaning over Steve-O with a tattoo gun, and starting to draw the penis on his face. “I’m gonna start with the part closest to your eye,” the rapper is heard saying, while Steve-O advises that he should “start with the balls”.

Steve-O later talks directly to the camera and explains in more detail why he went through with the tattoo – adding that it’s a test to “find out how long I last before I tap out and get it lasered off”.

“I’m determined to make it at least through my next whole tour, which starts this Friday. And it’s the craziest show I ever put together because it actually explores what I have to do with my art to cross the line,” he added. “And I’ll have you know, I’m crossing the hell out of it.”

This marks the second time that the artist has given the Jackass star some ink. Back in 2022, the two of them exchanged matching tattoos of a character they called ‘Ghost Malone’ – which appeared to be a well-endowed ghost.

Bonnaroo 2024 took place in Manchester, Tennessee between June 13 to 16 and featured other headliners Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fred Again...

In other Post Malone news, he debuted an unreleased song during his performance at the 2024 Academy of Country Music Awards last month. The track, which remains unnamed, is presumed to be taken from his forthcoming country album.

He played a cover of Hank Willliams’ ‘Honky Tonk Blues’ during a surprise show in Nashville in April, a few weeks before dropping ‘I Had Some Help’ with Morgan Wallen.

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