Ganin or Konstantin Ganin, in short Kostya Ganin, is one dedicated to electronic music fella crazed about a good groove and a good taste passionately defending techno and house music as well as other forms of electronica from the moment he has realized that dance music and DJing are very positives forces to connect with the world and unite with others through the sounds.


An incredible dance of energies and passions that come from the creative and artistic elements of dance music have inspired Konstantin since his roots in northeastern Europe, the northwest of Russia, in Archangel, a northern city nearby the White Sea of rich cultural heritage and tradition.


In 1998, an opportunity was presented by the family’s friends to travel to the United States to learn English language and experience American culture and society. When arrived in the midwest, Konstantin have not settled on anything other than getting his first set of DJ equipment and began learning the basics of the artform, cutting his teeth at any events he could possibly manage to get booked to play at, but always with a focus on the music he enjoyed, keeping it real for the sound that inspired him.


There he met some of his DJ mentors that presented some of the first opportunities to play in front of the crowd at club nights and learn how to work the audience with the power of good groove and sound. That experience provided him a solid foundation to practice the right skills and learn the sophisticated sense of music’s relationship with the audience through the essence of the grooves and mixes.


In 2002, a move to the northwest in the Seattle area offered more opportunities to collaborate and work internationally in the dance music scene. While juggling many jobs in a struggle to make a stable living and studying new skills, Konstantin managed to consistently play various public and private events around the Seattle area.


Appearing as a guest on KBCS 91.3FM local/online electronic music radio shows Variations and Trans Europe Express. Performed at a wide variety of dance music events, club nights, parties and community projects. Played as a guest at such Seattle area venues as Resonance, The Underground, Kremwerk, The Baltic Room, Contour, Substation, Monkey, Republiq, Flight, Sky, Trinity, Element, Noc Noc, Mantra, The Islander cruise boat, and others. Co-hosted and hosted several nights as a guest as well as a resident such as Seabiza, Dance Delicious and House Temptations.


Also consulted for and promoted the Seattle DJ Academy, an organization with a focus on education, enriching and empowering all ages of local and international communities of artistic minds. Most recently collaborated with a mastermind of Area 303 and Seabiza events on new exciting projects to create a world-class nightlife experience in Seattle. And now getting into music production to channel his ideas into inspirational grooves.


With his regular support for the many local events as well as creative artists and DJs, while staying tuned to the variety of electronic music from around the world, Konstantin has remained true to the sound and established a brand for good taste and selective quality in his favorite forms of music. He madly enjoys unleashing a Rockin party experience every time, spinning that fine delicious dance music. Specific to an event and a theme, often with a dose of intrigue and surprise, beware of jacking sounds from classics to hot jams of today.