Eva is a DJ, and performer hailing from Seattle WA. She is most widely known for starting several movements from Drum & Bass to House Music. First at the Vogue, where famous bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam first rose to prominence. She has never subscribed to one particular style.


She is a chameleon who weaves multiple genres effortlessly, from dark, and melodic Techno to Deep House as well as Ambient textures. Some of her favorite artists are Solar Fields, Aes Dana, and Trentemøller. Eva aims to embody her rich heritage of music. She loves playing vinyl, and experimenting with the latest controllers.


Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Making MAGIC wherever she goes. She enjoys using hardware over software, and mixing is her favorite thing to do on Earth.


Eva has been the catalyst and muse to many other artists, who have come to her for musical advice. She has A&R’d 3 different songs that charted. Chocolate Puma’s “I wanna Be U”, charted at number 6, and was featured on Top of the Pops. Starry Eyed Surprise, was a world wide smash hit and was featured in a Pepsi commercial.


She was the first to play Trentemøller’s obscure track “Do What U Do”, at her residency at Mantra. The song climbed to #1 on Beatport. Trentemøller was tapped for an Essential Mix, and won Essential Mix of the year.


Eva is setting up her own studio now, where she will have full creative control over her own music. When she is not doing music, she enjoys visiting the horses at a local equestrian center and talking about supercars with her friends.