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Ukraine Reacts to Polish Truckers Blocking Border Crossings

Mix 247 EDM | November 8, 2023

Title: Polish Truckers Stage Border Protests to Challenge EU Agreement with Ukraine

Polish truckers have taken to blocking border crossings with Ukraine in protest against a recent European Union (EU) deal that allows easier access for Ukrainian drivers into the bloc. The demonstrations, however, have not received official sanction from the Polish government.

The truckers, demanding the restoration of transport operation limits for Ukrainian haulers, caused major disruptions by blocking three key border crossings at Dorohusk-Yagodin, Korczowa-Krakovets, and Hrebenne-Rava-Ruska. Prior to the deal, limits were in place due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Polish transport industry is alarmed by the surge in Ukrainian truck crossings this year. An estimated 900,000 Ukrainian trucks have entered Poland, compared to around 180,000 annually before the conflict. This influx has led to concerns over job security for Polish truckers and a potential strain on the transport infrastructure.

Protesters have allowed only one truck to pass every hour, with exceptions made for vehicles carrying humanitarian and military aid, animals, or perishable goods. Passenger cars will also be allowed through the blockades.

While both the Polish and Ukrainian governments, along with the European Commission, have urged the protesters to allow the trucks to resume their journeys, the protesters argue that unrestricted access is placing undue pressure on the local transportation industry.

Warsaw maintains that it cannot undermine the EU deal, set to run until next June, which streamlines cargo transportation between Ukraine and EU countries without additional paperwork.

One of the grievances expressed by Polish truckers is that Ukrainian haulers are transporting goods within Poland, known as cabotage, as well as facilitating trade between Poland and third countries. This limits opportunities for Polish truckers and stagnates economic growth within the country.

The timing of the protests is especially significant, as Poland is currently going through a political transition. The absence of decisive decision-makers in Warsaw poses additional challenges to addressing the concerns raised by the striking truckers.

In addition to the impact on the Polish transport industry, these protests are causing additional hardship for Ukraine, which is struggling to export goods necessary to sustain its war-ravaged economy.

Efforts are underway to resolve the standoff and restore normal operations at the affected border crossings, but until then, both Poland and Ukraine continue to grapple with the repercussions of the ongoing trucker protests.

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