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Track: Sturt Avenue miss their ‘Best Friend’ – an achingly raw and beautiful paean to change and loss.

Backseat Mafia | September 2, 2022

Sturt Avenue‘s ‘Best Friend’ provides an achingly beautiful tribute to the past and the indelible connections one has to certain people. The shimmering acoustic sound is augmented by the delicate harmonies and deep sense of yearning in the vocals.

The band says of the track:

‘Best Friend’ is a breakup song written and recorded at the start of the pandemic. This was not a particularly great time to be needing to write a song like this, with the post-breakup end-of-the-world energy being mirrored quite alarmingly in the daily news cycle.

The sadness and regret weeps through every pore of the song: it is a fitting elegy to lost love that is fragile and poignant. This is a powerful track from the Adelaide outfit.

‘Best Friend’ is out now and you can download and stream it here.

Written by Backseat Mafia


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