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Track of the Week: ‘I Play My Bass Loud’ by Gina Birch

She Makes Music | January 22, 2023

Legendary post-punk musician, artist, and filmmaker Gina Birch has shared the title track from her debut solo album, I Play My Bass Loud, arriving via Third Man Records on February 24. ‘I Play My Bass Loud’ is joined by the release of an official music video directed by Vice Cooler (who is also a multi-talented musician and performer himself), with concept and choreography by Brontez Purnell.

“Vice asked his long-term friend writer, dancer, and choreographer, Oakland-based Brontez Purnell, to be the central character of the video,” explains Birch. “There are five women bass players performing in the video, Emily Elhaj (Angel Olsen), Hazel Rigby (TBHQ), Mikki Itzigsohn (Small Wigs), Staz Lindes (The Paranoyds), and myself. We shot the video in L.A. so the bass players in the video are not primarily the ones on the track apart from Emily Elhaj who plays bass with Angel Olson and Gina B. The song is a celebration of bass guitar as a voice, simple or layered, pounding or dancing, or everything at once. A celebration of a shout, a yell from the window, and the I am Here, of a woman’s creativity on the bass guitar. I play my bass, my bass my bass my bass, I play my bass loud.”

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