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The DJ Sessions” LaunchesThe First Live Streaming Mobile Studio 

USA, Seattle, WA – October 28th, 2019 –  The DJ Sessions is a pioneer in live streaming, helping International DJs over the past 10 years find new ways to reach their fans outside of traditional “brick and mortar” venues.  Now, on their 10th anniversary “The DJ Sessions” is excited to announce the launch of the first ever live streaming audio vision studio. Their broadcast vehicle, which is a custom glass cargo truck, with state of the art equipment, will feature local and international celebrity DJ’s, musicians and taste makers.  Booking has already begun for the largest electronic music events. “The DJ Sessions” plans to bring more female and non-binary DJs and events to the spotlight, with over 144 scheduled events in 2020.Speaking to a reporter from Australia’s UnSeen TV, the CEO of “The DJ Sessions” Darran Bruce commented, “We have been able to produce over 1700 episodes of live recorded video streams since 2009 and this milestone achievement can only be attained by the diligent work put in by the entire crew at “The DJ Sessions”. We will continue to be the industry leader in helping to shape the US and International DJ industry in live streaming technology and do our best to maintain this status. “The DJ Sessions” is the future…and what we are seeing is only tip of the iceberg of what the future holds for us all.”

“The DJ Sessions” is a universe of its own; respected, admired and valued by DJ’s across the globe. Prior to the launch of their newest series known as, “The Freeway Sessions,” which is considered the fastest moving show in electronic music, the weekly broadcasts have been generating over 100 hours of content a month. An international DJ, Justin Murta from Seattle, WA shared, that the outlet has been instrumental in reaching both his local fans and international fans in South East Asia; the streaming service DJ Sessions provides is easily accessible anywhere in the world. “The DJ Sessions” is planning on expanding to other cities in the US based on the success of the platform in domestic and National markets. It is their overall goal of expanding this concept internationally.

When asked about his successful journey Darran Bruce fondly smiled and said, “My first success came with “Phantazmagoria” on FOX in 2002 and with “ITV” on NBC in 2005-09. These series featured independent artists and businesses. At one point, I felt the need to provide electronic music artists with a platform for media coverage in a way that no one had ever done. I launched “The DJ Sessions” in late 2009 and after years of planning, building, and testing the series, I secured the investment to build our unique mobile DJ studio, the TDJS Mobile Studio. We launched the concept at “PAX West” 2019 in Seattle, WA and tens of thousands witnessed how DJs playing from our truck, streaming live to a global audience.”

 About “The DJ Sessions”
“The DJ Sessions”, a Twitch featured Partner series, is known to be a platform where local and celebrity DJs from all over the world, provide live streamed video of them performing mix sets, interview and original music sets to a global audience. “The DJ Sessions” has been featured in the iTunes store and recognized by Apple twice as a “News and Noteworthy” podcast. They have also been featured by both UStream and Livestream and is syndicated to over 25 other video streaming & distribution sites, acquiring more every day.

About the Founder
Darran Bruce is the founder of ​“The DJ Sessions” ​and he is known to be one of those few people who has been able to bring a truly new and unique concept to the table. With vast years of experience in TV broadcasting and his die hard love for nightlife led him to the launch of “The DJ Sessions”. He currently directs and produces over 12 events per month, his spontaneous broadcasts stream weekly from the​ “Rooftop”, ​ “On Location”, “Silent Disco”, ​“Mobile” and ​”Secret” ​studio locations with up to 144 hours of unique programming. Combining “Silent Disco” technology and working with some of the top companies in the streaming community, Darran figured out a way to quadruple ​“The DJ Sessions ​ ” distribution and provide multi-genre music events to reach a much larger demographic of electronic music fans.

For more information about The DJ Sessions and its live streaming mobile studio contact Darran Bruce on www.thedjsessions.com or send an email to [email protected]


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