1L❤V is a Seattle Crew whose passion is about P.E.O.P.L.E.

pOsItIvE eNerGy, oPpOrTuNitY, pEaCe, L♥v & eNliGhTenMent


Rhett has hit the Seattle House scene with vibrant energy, primarily focusing on you, the P.E.O.P.L.E. Rhett displays his ability to play for his audience by cultivating & spreading positive energy & big love to the dance floor, which can only be defined as 1L♥v! The love that he has for his family & people reflect on everything he touches… His treasured compilations include a mix of house, electronica, futuristic tech house, booty tech and techno. As a purveyor of Big Love, he serves sounds that will surely make your heart flutter!

The LoveVirus has infected the world of electronic music with his uplifting style of booty-moving madness, and there is no cure for this contagion. No dance floor is safe from the spread of his love-based beats delivered as toxic concoction of freaky fun; this DJ and producer contaminates every ear he meets with his epic illness. Diagnosis: Dance!

BuckMode fills the room with booty shakin’ sound, refreshing your souls from the inside out! A large helping of BuckMode on the decks can cause permanent BSS (Booty Shakin’ Syndrome.) His passion for music and love for the industry shines throughout his musical compilations. When BuckMode is behind the decks he will surely leave you weak in knees! You have been warned!