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Producer, Designer, and Model MADDS Is a Triple Threat — Just Sayin’ [Exclusive Interview]

RaverRafting | We Are The Scene | July 28, 2021

The multifaceted MADDS (Madison Louch) is a South African-born, LA-based DJ/producer, designer, and model who recently teamed up with MAKJ and Mila Jam for ‘Just Sayin’’ (out on Armada). Throughout her career she has been a featured artist at major American music festivals like Coachella and EDC, as well as touring internationally across Europe, Australia, and Mexico. On her craft, MADDS says her tried-and-true songwriting process has remained consistent since high school. “…I write my feelings down, and then I write them into a poem, and then I make a beat. Usually people make the beat first and find the lyrics later, but I do it in the reverse. I always have.” Using this unique method, MADDS has released a slew of hits and will be dropping her debut EP later this year.

Subsequently, ‘Just Sayin’’ is a silky piece of soul that blends all three artist’s different styles together effortlessly. It is the quintessential summer soundtrack for all those upcoming dance floor days, playing off MADDS’s combination of sultry, coy, and confident energy with just the right amount of fearlessness. Sweeping disco kicks and shimmering synths light up a groovy bassline led by Mila Jam’s hypnotically posh vocals. Listen to the track HERE. Also down the MADDS pipeline is a couple of Netflix series, a pair of residencies, and an appearance at Firefly Festival and Blended Austin in 2021 — which you can get hyped for with our exclusive MADDS interview below!

RR: We appreciate you chatting with us, MADDS. Congrats on your new single by the way!

M: Thank you! I’m so excited about this collab with MAKJ and Mila Jam – they are amazing and I’m so happy with how the song turned out. It’s going to be PERFECT for all my upcoming sets, and I’m excited to finally start mixing it in! It was tough to not sneak in a few teasers the past few shows.

RR: In your opinion, how does the South African/American/European dance scene differ?

M: Each country has a unique style and are very supportive of their artists. I’m grateful that I get to tour and be immersed in different cultures and music scenes. It’s so inspiring.

RR: What is Ibiza like and how did your sabbatical hone your craft?

M: It was the most perfect place to hunker down and figure out exactly what I wanted. Outside of Ibiza being absolutely beautiful, the locals are so incredible and welcoming. Then you have tons of tourists during busy season going to shows and pool parties. There’s always something going on, which can be distracting, but I found the whole experience to be invigorating and energizing! Working all day, going to shows at night, and talking to people throughout the day from all walks of life was eye-opening and motivating. I learned so much from different people’s musical tastes and backgrounds that it was such a great way to learn on-the-go and find new artists and sub-genres.

RR: Do you have any tips on how people can persevere in their craft (i.e. being a female producer in a male-dominated industry)?

M: I think it’s so important for women to support women. It can be discouraging to walk into a room and be made to feel intimidated or unworthy, but you have to be confident in yourself and your capabilities. Let their doubt be your fuel.

RR: What are your current favorite mixes (including your own)?

M: My musical tastes are all over the place! I love mixing in every genre based on my mood, and then anything from my girls out there- Georgia Sinclair, Sam Blacky, Brooke Evers, and so many more incredible women!

RR: Lastly, tell us a bit about your fashion and modeling career.

M: I started modeling as a child, and my mom represented me during the early stages. My mom represented the Barbie brand globally, so she had tons of experience and wanted to also protect me. I didn’t realize until years later how incredibly helpful it was to have someone truly looking out for my best interests from such a vulnerable age. Overall, modeling taught me how to show my personality through my style and how to be more vocal in situations. I wasn’t the biggest fan of waking up super early and being in full glam all the time- I’m much more into the beach, natural glow kind of look. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do, and what the brand is paying you to do! As for a few recent highlights, I was featured on a billboard in Times Square for Forever 21 in 2019, and earlier this month, I have a billboard in Las Vegas for my residency at Resorts World! It’s the most insane and surreal experience to see yourself that big and bright! Huge “punch me” moments!

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