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Peiriant: Embracing Welsh landscapes and experimental soundscapes with ‘Dychwelyd’

FM For Music | June 15, 2024

Welsh experimental drone-folk duo Peiriant, comprised of Rose and Dan Linn-Pearl, are preparing to release their latest album Dychwelyd on July 5th. The awaiting fans will discover that this new release beats to the rhythm of a truly Welsh heart, echoing the rich bond between the land and its people. 

Taflu Dŵr’ (Throwing Water), the album’s opening track, creates an instant buzz, as if the music itself is alive, vibrating with an energy that’s hard to ignore.

‘Dychwelyd’ (‘Returning’) is a testament to Peiriant’s journey of rediscovery and reconnection.

Moving inland to a landscape adorned with ancient hills and winding rivers, the duo finds inspiration in the Black Mountains of Bannau Brycheiniog. In this unfettered environment, they converge with their artistic selves, summoning the echoes of their ancestral legacies and the melodies of their native soils. 

Featuring tracks like Taflu Dŵr’ (Throwing Water), Y Gors, Carreg, and Cân Idris, Dychwelyd unfolds as a sonic journey through landscapes and emotions. Within Peiriant’s multi-layered sound, the soaring violin and driving electric guitar coalesce with sampled voices and real-world sounds, conjuring an atmosphere both eerie and hypnotic. 

Photo by Mairead McHugh

Within their sound, you’ll find shards of dissonance amidst eerie silences, but then – suddenly – a melodic thread emerges, weaving a rich tapestry of sound that’s both challenging and alluring. Peiriant’s evocative performances have graced prestigious venues such as BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff and the NAWR concert series in Swansea and Hay-on-Wye. 

Regulars at festivals like Nozstock and How The Light Gets In, Peiriant continues to captivate audiences with their immersive sound. Rose Linn-Pearl, balancing her musical pursuits with work as a veterinary ophthalmologist, brings her classical training and folk sensibilities to Peiriant’s compositions. Dan Linn-Pearl’s eclectic musical background—a fusion of alternative rock, electronic music, and experimental soundscapes—infuses his compositions with an unforgettable edge. 

Peiriant’s Dychwelyd takes you on a soul-stirring musical ride that weaves Welsh landscapes and the mysteries of the human heart into a rich tapestry of sound. 

What happens when you merge centuries-old folk roots with a forward-thinking approach? An album that not only honors heritage but also forges a new path, yielding a sound that’s both familiar and innovative, with appeal that spans the globe. 

As the release date approaches, fans of experimental music and those captivated by the Welsh countryside eagerly await the sonic tapestry that is Dychwelyd by Peiriant.

Taflu Dŵr by Peiriant

Written by FM For Music


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