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Nick Marks unveils mesmerising EP ‘Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II’

FM For Music | June 13, 2024

Acclaimed New York-based composer and producer Nick Marks returns with his eagerly anticipated latest EP Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II, a satiating follow-up to the release of his well-received debut EP Cinematic Chromatics Vol. I. 

Cinematic Chromatics is a production that combines Marks’ background in the concert music / film scoring worlds with the underground jazz, hip-hop, neo-soul and electronica scenes that so heavily influenced his sound.

Marks explains: “Cinematic Chromatics is about cohesively morphing between my different musical worlds and experiences in a seamless, dynamic, and tasteful way that listeners can enjoy and relate to through their stories and experiences. Vol. II joins the dots between my worlds in concert/film scoring and jazz, neo-soul, hip-hop. The process of writing all this music was an organic process borne out of years of studying, performing, being part of both Melbourne and New York’s dynamic scenes, and writing for film or instrumental projects. It is literally the manifestation of how I hear music. In releasing this second EP, I hope to continue a journey for listeners that began with Vol. I and now moves into a new world within my sonic universe.”

This latest serving of cinematic jazz, electronica, and hip hop provides a quarter of an hour of sophisticated and laid-back listening, to sit back and unwind with or accompany you on your commute home.  After all, Marks’ ethos is to provide a soundtrack that helps listeners feel both energized and at ease, allowing for deep emotional connections to moments of everyday life.

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Keep Goin’ Gotta Keep Up (feat. Doron Lev) is a dazzling, uplifting opener with expansive production. The song is a highly refreshing concoction of hip-hop and funk, infused with a jazzy twist. This smooth track radiates feel-good energy, featuring powerful G-funk synths, delightfully punchy motifs, and polished horn sections that complement Lev’s vocals masterfully.

Next is Touché Hombre, a juicy five-minute instrumental exploration, abound with wet, squidgy synths and delightfully surprising motifs. It was selected for Spotify’s Editorial Playlist Fresh Finds Jazz, along with two of his earlier tracks, Paradiso and Prelude/Arc Of Light.

Doron Lev’s smooth-as-butter flows return for the more laidback third track, Back to Life, interspersed atop alternating tempos, dreamy synths, and soulful horns.

Finally, Between Gigs lowers the curtain on this act with another instrumental moment, continuing the chilled-out vibe with playful experiments including deconstructed piano lines.

Wonderfully immersive and thoughtful, Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II prompts intrigue and anticipation of what the next volume will bring. Vol. III is due for release later in 2024.

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