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Music to Check out at North Coast Music Festival 2015

EDM Bangers | The Biggest Sounds In EDM | June 12, 2024

For us electronic-music-loving NCMF goers, we’re all going to be rushing to get up close and personal to the sets of all of our faves like The Chemical Brothers, Knife Party, and Porter Robinson, but we can not forget that music festivals are where it’s at to find new and exciting music! So as you’re figuring out when and where to be this September, your friends from have your back on the must-sees from the flipside of NCMF.

Here’s our 10 suggestions:


Exmag is totally one you’ll want to catch. While it’s hard to describe the unique groove they’ve created with the mix of electronic music and band instruments, it’s very creative and easy to get yourself into. Check it out in this song below.


These guys bring a real swing twist to their tracks, that you can quickly find yourself moving too, not to mention they have some seriously rad collabs that you do not want to be missing out on.

Trippy Turtle

Trippy Turtle varies their music, but always stays true to some great tracks and an adorable little turtle logo.

Slow Magic

This guy, Slow Magic, may make his music electronically, but the beat is live as he plays drums and various percussion on stage, and to top it off, it seems his stage presence is pretty killer!


Gryffin is a NYC based producer that is another must for people trying to use their festival time for EDM. He will make a great addition to your experience.


Snails is a favorite here. He has his own unique sound described as being a mix of Electro, Dubstep, and Trap, or as he likes to call the mix, Vomitstep. As out of the box as it sounds, you need to check it out.


We’re betting that this Washington D.C. located producers’ mixes this fall are going to be just as good as the tracks on their soundcloud.


Haywyre is one that doesn’t fail to impress and surprise with every track released, and it’s safe to assume the same when it comes to the set he will be having in September.


While maybe not so underground, he is steadily rising and is making consistently great mixes and tracks to blow you away. Jauz should be a definate on anyones NCMF list.

Michal Menert

Michal Menert is probably the most different one in this list, but obviously we wouldn’t add him if we didn’t think he’d make a great addition to your festival weekend.


While these are our Top 10 suggestions for electronic music, we definitely encourage you to go adventure and check out some different genres that will be swimming through the area among the DJ’s and Producers. Some of personal must-sees include Leikeli47, Humans, and of course, Phoebe Ryan.

Even though these are rad suggestions, you should take a look at the set lists and check out any names you don’t recognize. This would be a great way to find something you never knew you’d be jamming out too, and can help utilize your time at North Coast Music Festival in Chicago in these next weeks!


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