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Monday Mixtape Vol. 6 By K Von Villain

The DJ Sessions | July 12, 2017
“The DJ Sessions” is a live streamed/podcast series featuring the hottest electronic music DJs with live mixes and interviews streamed live to a global audience.

Hello again ITV/ TDJS readers! I can’t possibly begin to describe how happy it makes me to be writing for this site again. I recently had to take an uncomfortably large step back from all things related to nightlife, music industry, and performance, to focus on urgent personal matters. However, I feel confident now in ensuring all of you that I am fully back, extremely well, and ready to continue to share music. This blog has always been an incredibly liberating outlet for my own personal expression. There are so many gems that I can’t wait to share with you.
I must warn you though, “Monday Mixtape” will no longer exist in its previous format. Each post will be linearly focused on genre and aesthetically specific groupings. Previously, the design of each “Monday Mixtape” was to have an audio arrangement transitioning from house, to hip hop, to whatever “chill beats” had spoken to me at the time.  Now, I will be composing groupings of tracks that flow seamlessly together. There will still be a story with the arrangement of these songs, but the overall cohesiveness of each one will be much more tightknit. Also, to ensure that I am only publishing the upmost quality listening, each “Monday Mixtape” will only consists of about 8 to 15 tracks (verses up to 29). Each week will have a completely different flow from the previous, but I am hoping that will give you readers more of a sense of variety and anticipation for the upcoming weeks.
Thank you so much for reading and being patient during my absence. The first track in this selection is literally what I have coined as “Baby Making Music”. It takes you on a journey filled with wanderlust inspiring, playful tones and child-like euphoria. It might possibly be one of my all-time favorite tracks.
As always, questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome. Thank you for listening.
K Von Villain

Written by The DJ Sessions