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Lizzo’s ‘Special’: That Grape Juice’s Top 5 Tracks

That Grape Juice | July 18, 2022

Lizzo has unleashed ‘Special’ – her fourth studio album.

Led by the infectious ‘About Damn Time,’ the set sees Lizzo tackle themes of self-love, acceptance, and more.

That Grape Juice has been spinning the LP since its release. Join us below to find out which five tracks are essential on ‘Special.’

5. Break Up Twice

One of the more stirring ballads across ‘Special,’ ‘Break Up Twice’ contains all the flare of classic soul music with its retro drum machine and powerful vocals. Complete with an interpolation of Lauryn Hill’s ‘Doo Wop (That Thing),’ ‘Break Up Twice’ only further proves that Lizzo not only honors the idols that can before her, but that she could be one herself one day.


4. Coldplay 

On the very last song on ‘Special,’ Lizzo crafted the truest of love songs. All about a romantic trip to Mexico, Lizzo reveals some of the most intimate details about the relationship such as dancing to no music. Sampling Coldplay’s classic song ‘Yellow,’ ‘Coldplay’ is Lizzo at her most in love and her most free.


3.  2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)

Across ‘Special’ Lizzo finds herself leaning into retro sounds and mixing them with modern production. However, on ‘2 Be Loved’ she ditches modernity for a delicious slice of 80s-inspired synth-pop. Perfect for the ending of any 80s movie, ‘2 Be Loved’ contains an epic key change as she realizes that not only is she ready for love, but she deserves it as well.


2. If You Love Me

Ditching heavy synths and sparking production, Lizzo instead opts for a folkier sound on ‘If You Love Me.’ Led by an acoustic guitar, the song offers a moment of true intimacy for her not only as a person, but as a singer as well. If there is one thing that ‘If You Love Me’ proves, it’s not only that Lizzo is instead a vocalist, but could see future success in folk music if she so ever dared to venture down that path, one we would love to see her try.


1. About Damn Time

Since her meteoric rise to fame in 2019 with her smash ‘Truth Hurts,’ Lizzo has had a knack for going viral. ‘About Damn Time’ not only ended the drought for new music from her, but she also managed to snag yet another viral smash. However, the song is more than a viral smash, it is an anthem for body positivity, one that is as classic as the disco era it references.


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