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Listen to isqa’s Stunning “i 4ove you” EP, the First External Release On Rezz’s HypnoVizion Label | December 8, 2022

The four-track EP from No Mana’s alter ego is the first release from someone other than Rezz on the new label.

Before he became a mau5trap mainstay with his No Mana project, Jordan Orcaz released experimental bass tracks as isqa. In the early days of her career, a young Rezz developed a friendship with him and the duo went on to work hand-in-hand, encouraging each other to evolve their sounds.

A few years after crossing paths, they worked together to release their collaborative track “Psycho” in 2017. Now, isqa has returned with a new EP, i 4ove you, the first release on Rezz’s HypnoVizion Records from someone other than its founder.

The project kicks off with “mycelium faceplant,” a collaboration with fknsyd wherein the duo balance haunting vocals with distorted bass in an arrangement with tinctures of melancholy. The ensuing “flusterfuck” brings forth a much heavier experimental bass sound highlighted by mechanical growls and grinding, metallic sound design.

The EP rolls on with “i should’ve been dead,” a tense track that ultimately plunges into a digitized frenzy of synths and gritty basslines. isqa then closes with “souls,” a high-energy finale that wraps up i 4ove you on an electrifying note. Bouncing between competing drops and distorted wobbles, the track’s unrelenting barrage of bass is hard-hitting and creates a delightful sense of disorientation.

You can listen to i 4ove you below and stream the EP here.



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