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The Permanent Rain Press | January 23, 2023

eight gardengate – Jamie Fine
Release Date: November 4th, 2022

Track Listing:

1. Never Wanted This
2. Confessions
3. On My Own
4. Hate Me Love Me
5. Waiting
6. For You

Jamie Fine released emotional, feel-good debut EP eight gardengate. It delivers iconic pop bops that are elevated by Fine’s powerful and distinct voice. It will have you both dancing and crying in the club. Signed to Universal Music Canada and racking up millions of streams on Spotify, the Ottawa-born talent has been making major moves. This entrance secures Fine’s place as an enduring artist on the Canadian circuit and perhaps into more international stardom.

“Never Wanted This,” which features Alicia Moffet, is a dazzling, 70s-inspired track. Retro synths back up passionate harmonies, as lyrics describe the pain of heartbreak and determination to overcome it: “A love like ours was a story to tell / We wrote it on pages, they’re up on a shelf somewhere / Started as strangers but now we’re at the end.” Sadness and longing bubble to the surface on “Confessions.” Fine’s soft but strong, cursive voice complements gentle piano notes. Sweet and slow, the song builds on feelings of sadness and longing towards a dramatic climax representing the pain of separation. “On My Own” grooves with electric-tinged vocals, its empowering snappy tempo giving listeners a surge of confidence. Faced with never-ending toxicity? Fine’s catchy lyrics say choose yourself: “Better on my own, better all alone / Always thought you’ll come and then you don’t / Wait for you to show / Northing’s ever changing.”

“Hate Me Love Me’ captures Fine’s sassy side with a bouncy and soft melody. The lyrics celebrate taking power back and disrupting unfair expectations: “I can’t be stuck in the middle of something I didn’t do / She shooting shots without thinking when she don’t got any proof.” The song translates chaos and frustration into soft funky pop with splashes of horns and Fine’s beautifully textured vocals. “Waiting” is the sun after the storm. A new era and a refreshed psyche. The song’s lyrics represent the special magic of a different, healthier love: “Truth is that I never looked down / Didn’t know that we were getting higher / Float a couple of miles off the ground.” Fine’s vocals harmonize, as electro-pop melodies drive the exhilarating track forward. The last song on the album, “For You,” pairs Fine’s powerhouse vocals with honeyed strums. An unconditional and devoted love that remembers all the small details. Despite its slower tempo, its quick to warm the heart.

Jamie Fine’s eight gardengate is vibrant pop that plays with the dichotomies of heartbreak and falling in love. Fine’s voice is memorable and endearing, while the music is masterfully mixed. Altogether, it makes for a compelling and satisfying listen.

Written by: Jenna Keeble

Written by The Permanent Rain Press


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