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ifitbeyourwill S03 E36 • Diamond Day

if it be your will | June 22, 2024
In this riveting episode of the “If It Be Real” podcast, hosts dive deep into the musical odyssey of Diamond Day, an innovative band that marries traditional folk roots with modern electro-pop and shoegaze influences. The episode opens with a detailed exploration of the band’s genesis, featuring intimate conversations with the creative duo behind Diamond Day, Beatrice and Quinn. Their story is one of artistic fusion, where Quebec’s rich folk traditions meet the eclectic beats of modern music.
Beatrice, who was raised in the folk music scene of Quebec, shares her upbringing surrounded by traditional music. Both her parents were folk musicians, which significantly influenced her musical style. She recounts how her childhood was filled with fiddle music, accordion, and acoustic guitar, elements that subtly permeate Diamond Day’s music. On the other hand, Quinn’s musical journey began with a fascination for guitars crafted by his luthier father and a vast collection of records that exposed him to a diverse array of genres from an early age. This blend of backgrounds creates a unique soundscape for Diamond Day.
The episode delves into the formation of Diamond Day, born out of the creative divergence within their previous project, Rosier. Beatrice’s songwriting didn’t always align with Rosier’s traditional framework, leading her to collaborate with Quinn. This partnership allowed them to explore new, experimental realms while still honoring their musical roots. Their creative synergy is palpable as they discuss how they meld their distinct influences to produce intricate yet accessible soundscapes.
One of the most fascinating aspects of the episode is Beatrice’s inventive approach to songwriting. She introduces the concept of “crooked” tunes, where measures or beats are added or removed, challenging mainstream norms. This unconventional style draws comparisons to artists like Kevin Shields and Elizabeth Fraser, who are known for their unique musical structures. The freedom of working as a duo enables Beatrice and Quinn to balance maximalist and minimalist arrangements, creating music that is both complex and inviting.
The podcast also celebrates the enchanting allure of French lyrics in Diamond Day’s music. The cultural landscape of Quebec, where French and English coexist, profoundly influences their bilingual songs. This fusion of languages adds an exotic flair that resonates with audiences worldwide, enhancing the band’s global appeal.
As the conversation progresses, Beatrice and Quinn discuss their upcoming projects and live performances. They share their excitement about touring the West Coast, from Vancouver to Los Angeles, and hint at new music releases, including remixes by artists they admire. The episode closes with a heartfelt thanks and best wishes for Diamond Day’s ongoing success, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating their next musical venture.
Throughout the episode, the hosts provide transcript samples from key chapters, offering a glimpse into the rich, engaging dialogue that characterizes this captivating conversation. The blend of personal anecdotes, musical insights, and forward-looking aspirations makes this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the dynamic interplay of folk traditions and modern music.
In conclusion, this episode of the “If It Be Real” podcast offers a deep dive into the artistic journey of Diamond Day, a band that masterfully blends the old and the new. From Beatrice’s folk-infused upbringing to Quinn’s eclectic musical influences, listeners are treated to an intimate look at how these elements come together to create a unique, refreshing sound. The discussion of “crooked” tunes, the allure of French lyrics, and the band’s upcoming projects all contribute to a rich tapestry that celebrates the fusion of languages and genres. Don’t miss this enthralling episode that highlights the creative evolution of Diamond Day and their innovative approach to music-making.
From janky glitch-pop drums to jangly guitars on the verge of explosion; Montréal’s Diamond Day reshape shoegaze into their hazy electro dreamworld.

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