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HCK9 ‘Medicine’ A Goodbye Letter To Self-Destructive People

Right Chord Music | December 7, 2022

Inspired by the toxically dystopian nature of our lives, HCK9 (Half Cut K9) has developed a sound that combines Alternative Rock and Electronic. Never biting their tongues for anyone they tell it like it is with lyrics from the heart, evidenced in their newest offering Medicine, an ideal repost for toxic people. HCK9 Medicine

This Alternative project comes from the brilliant mind of James Brown, a skilled musician with a lot of experience under his belt, as some of his main inspirations, he mentions the likes of Placebo, Jimmy Eat World, and Twenty One Pilots, among others. These influences are present in the eclectic mix of genres implemented into his music.

After releasing a cover of the 90s R.E.M hit, Losing My Religion, early this year (which by the way, has over 40,000 streams currently) this band is ready to steal the show once more with a new track named Medicine, a piece that embodies the rebellious spirit that this outfit has showcased so far:

“Medicine is all about drawing a line in the sand between my need to save everyone and the people who can’t be or don’t want to be saved. It’s the battle against a hero complex sown into my very being and the inability to say what needs to be said. This is a goodbye letter to the self-destructive people who refuse to take responsibility for their own life, and make it everyone else’s problem.”

Featuring loud, strident riffs, exhilarating drums, and lo-fi beats, Medicine is a phenomenal banger tailor-made for Alternative Rock airplay, with the cherry on top being James’s emotional vocal work which reaches its climax on the energized chorus.

“Medicine is two minutes long of high-class Alternative rock, instrumentally emphatic and lyrically liberating.”

Something worth admiring is how James Brown remains true to himself with his concise songwriting, that level of honesty makes this a very appealing project that will amass fans with their highly relatable music.

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Words Javier Rodriguez

Written by Right Chord Music


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