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Florida alligator with missing top half of jaw renamed in tribute to treasure Dolly Parton – Mix247edm

Mix 247 EDM | October 1, 2023

Title: Alligator with Missing Jaw Finds Forever Home at Gatorland Theme Park in Orlando

Orlando, FL – An alligator with its top jaw missing has finally found a forever home at Gatorland theme park, a popular tourist attraction in Orlando. The alligator, named Jawlene, now resides at the park after suffering a severe injury, leaving its snout sawn off below the eyes.

Wildlife experts believe that Jawlene’s jaw was likely caught in a hunting snare, resulting in the debilitating injury. With its snout completely removed, the alligator had difficulty feeding due to the lack of a powerful bite. However, Jawlene has managed to survive by consuming carrion, invertebrates, and slow-moving prey.

In a coordinated effort, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission aided in the rescue of the alligator in mid-September. Upon arrival at Gatorland, Jawlene’s condition has significantly improved, allowing the reptile to eat once again. Mark McHugh, CEO of Gatorland, expressed his enthusiasm for Jawlene’s progress and his love for the famous Dolly Parton hit, “Jolene,” inspiring the alligator’s name.

Although the cause of Jawlene’s horrifying injury remains unclear, it is suspected to be the result of a hunting trap or snare. Gatorland’s global conservation ambassador, Savannah Boan, is actively contributing to the alligator’s care and rehabilitation.

While Jawlene may remain in captivity, the alligator now has a steady supply of food readily available for survival. Despite the severe injury, the area where the jaw once existed has scarred over and completely healed, suggesting that the alligator has been living without a snout for an extended period.

Gatorland theme park continues to increase its efforts in conservation and education. Jawlene’s unique condition serves as a reminder of the impact of human activities on wildlife and the importance of wildlife preservation.

Visitors to Gatorland can now witness the incredible resilience of Jawlene, who has found a second chance at life in a safe and supportive environment. The alligator’s journey from tragedy to triumph stands as a symbol of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity.

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