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Fact Premiere: Hexorcismos Presents MUTUALISMX: Kloxii Li & Hypereikon – Anhaga

FACT Magazine | Music News, New Music | December 5, 2023

Hypereikon form mythopoetic minerals and speculative artefacts from the textural sounds of Kloxii Li, the first glimpse of MUTUALISMX, a planetary-spanning new project from Hexorcismos.

MUTUALISMX arrives as a culmination of the multidisciplinary experimentation of Moisés Horta Valenzuela, better known as Hexorcismos. For the last seven years the artist and technologist has worked with generative artificial neural networks, offering an alternative approach to artificial intelligence that centers collective understanding over the biases inherent in contemporary A.I. models and datasets. This research led to the creation of SEMILLA.AI, a “small data” neural audio synthesis tool which aligns the “technopoetics of generative computation”, decolonial aesthetics and efforts to rethink A.I. interfaces, drawing parallels between the Deep Learning practice of using ‘seeds’ and the Mesoamerican Mixe divination practice of ‘Mook pajk wëjwë, which loosely translates as ‘maize seed divination’.

The tool serves as the kernel of MUTUALISMX, for which Hexorcismos invited a planetary-spanning collective of artists, including KMRU, Ale Hop and El Irreal Veintiuno, to use the tool. On ‘Anhaga’, Hunanese-American artist Kloxii Li laces textural swathes of crystalline noise with machinic dissonance, providing us with an ethereal glimpse of the sounds possible with SEMILLA.AI. Working in response to MUTUALISMX are Chilean artists Hypereikon. “We began by researching artefacts, tools, weapons, and divine symbols from precolonial cultures, initially focusing on Mayan and Aztec civilizations,” they explain.

“Instead of relying on archaeological information from specific sites, we decided to delve into the materiality itself and uncover the common language of different cultures concerning mineral materials and their technological uses,” they continue. “Our intention was to generate speculative and abstract technologies, expanding the idea of the use of minerals and gemstones for utilitarian and mystical purposes.” Using a variety of A.I. tools Hypereikon work the textures of Kloxii Li’s sound into imaginary materials and mythopoetic minerals, superimposing ancient, precolonial technologies over emergent, decolonial technologies.

‘Anhaga’ is out now, taken from MUTUALISMX, which arrives on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People on February 15, 2024. You can download SEMILLA.AI now.

You can find Hexorcismos, Hypereikon and Kloxii Li on Instagram.

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