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Ecca Vandal Makes Explosive Comeback With First New Music In Four Years | June 12, 2024

After more than three years of total radio silence, Ecca Vandal has made an explosive comeback – new music in tow – signalling an exciting new era for the anarchic artist.

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The return came out of nowhere yesterday (June 11), when Vandal hit social media a video of herself belting along to a rip-roaring punk jam; it opens with a voiceover clip of (what seems to be) a vintage broadcast – “Girls may seem silly and opinionated” – before the artist screams with raw, visceral fury: “You got me working right down to the bone / Making cents and making sense and I can’t seem to grow / Now it’s time to go out on my own / I’d rather hit the streets than be the person that you own.”

After 30 seconds, the scuzzy punk track snaps over to a buzzy, bass-heavy club beat that only last a few seconds before cutting off with a shot of Vandal’s snarling teeth, over which she spits, “Click clack.” She captioned the video with “TIME TO GO OUT ON MY OWN” and “DANCE IN DEBT”, perhaps hinting at the titles for the respective songs teased. At the time of writing, neither have landed on streaming services.

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Alongside the video came the launch of Vandal’s personal Instagram channel, where she posted a message to fans: “Helloooo wonderful people! So yeah, it’s been a minute, been offline for a couple of years actually!!! Basically it was for my head, my heart, my health [and] art. Had to leave the building to live in the moment and let myself play like a big kid again!!!

“Went deep in the cave to create and it’s been a [truly] beautiful time. The reset I needed to find the things I love about writing music again, but more about all that later on… For now I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who’ve been chillin’ and waiting for new tunes. It feels pretty nervy and wild to step outside again but I’m grateful for you all and just super excited to share some new music with you. Thanks [so much] for coming on the ride with me.”

Vandal’s video absolutely blew up last night (and deservedly so), which prompted her to post this morning (June 12) that she’s been “overwhelmed with the love and support”. She added: “I’ve loved sharing some new music with you again… Huge thanks for all those who’ve hit me up thru DM’s, it’s been so lovely to reconnect. I’ve missed you!”

In closing, Vandal teased that she’ll be “back with more [new music] soon”. Her last headlined release came in December 2020, when she partnered with League Of Legends to drop a themed single called Rell, The Iron Maiden. Before that, though, she hadn’t released a song of her own since October 2017, when she stunned audiences with her self-titled debut album.

Vandal had kept busy in the interim years, though: in 2018 she joined Birdz for the single Place Of Dreams, then in 2019 she linked up with Illy for Exit Sign and Alice Ivy for In My Mind, and in 2021 she guested on DZ Deathrays’ Fear The Anchor and a reimagined version of Decay by Void Of Vision.

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