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Deniz Cuylan “Clouds Over Sintra” – Hypnotic finger-picked guitar

Americana UK | October 5, 2022

So, ‘Clouds Over Sintra‘ is the second single from Deniz Cuylan’s new album ‘Rings of Juniper‘ which is – instrumental fans take note – all guitar based.  In this case it’s nylon stringed for that really soft wooden sound, and through hypnotic thickets of fingerpicked nylon string guitar, clouds of woodwinds and strings the album – and this track – conjures up strange landscapes of wonder.  Dreamlands indeed, and perfect for that mid-week thing we call The Americana UK No Damn Words, just like some soothing vibes, man, Zone.

Deniz Cuylan says of this piece that “I like to drop the anchor at somewhere specific with each album. It helps me create a story around the compositions. This time it was Sintra, Portugal. Since I live in California, Sintra felt like the California of Europe. Especially with the endless clouds blown away by the ocean and hitting the mainland early in the morning.”

Rings Of Juniper by Deniz Cuylan

Written by Americana UK


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