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Dana Rexx Releases Defiant New Power Pop Single ‘Rebel’ News | November 27, 2022

Rising unsigned pop star Dana Rexx makes music that explores the boundaries between tribal rhythms and electronic power pop with a dark edge. She is on a mission to challenge inequality and infuses each of her songs with an empowering message that encourages fans around the globe to embrace their individuality and unveil their inner Warrior.

November welcomes the release of her new single ‘Rebel’. An unapologetic rallying cry to those who are different from the norm. This hyperpop hit was inspired by Dana’s lost struggle to fit in and in turn she wants to create a safe place for all the other weirdos out there.

“I wrote this song for all the misfits, outcasts and rebels out there. It’s OK to be different and it’s OK that you don’t want to fit in. Raise your fist up ’cause I can tell that you’re a Rebel. // Continue to the full article

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