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Bruce Willis Sells Deepfake Likeness Rights So His ‘Twin’ Can Star In Future Movies News | October 2, 2022
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[Update, 2/Oct/2022] Since this article was published, Bruce Willis issued a statement to The Hollywood Reporter denying the claim that he sold his likeness for the use of deepfake appearances. The statement clarifies that the legendary actor “has no partnership or agreement with this Deepcake company.” Additionally, Deepcake confirmed to the trade that Willis’ digital-likeness rights cannot be sold since they belong to him by default. The company further explained that their work with Willis was done through his representation at CAA.

Actor Bruce Willis has become the first Hollywood star in history to sell his likeness so deepfake technology will allow him to continue appearing in films.

As reported by The Telegraph, Willis allowed Deepcake, which makes what is described as “digital twins,” to use his face in a phone ad. // Continue to the full article

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