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Award Winning Serbian Singer Dana Karic Releases ‘My Love’ 

Right Chord Music | August 23, 2022

With a career that extends over the last 20 years as well as several awards under her belt, multidisciplinary Serbian singer Dana Karic is ready to begin a new chapter in her artistic life with the release of her new album Love Phases and the latest offering from that LP named My Love. Dana Karic – My Love

Dana’s musical journey started as part of the Pop duo D’n’D, a project that gave this singer the necessary foundations to commence as a professional artist, this experience was enhanced by her time as a student of the illustrious Trinity College of Music.

Her knowledge is displayed in her discography, which comprises the albums Love in 13 Pictures, Our Secret Place, and the interactive EP Free Birds Fly High.

With such a curriculum, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see the thousands of streams she has on Spotify, having over 10k followers and counting. The newest addition to her discography Love Phases is a distinguished collection of seven tracks that showcases Dana’s maturity as a performer, the lead single from this work, My Love, confirms this.

Dana’s gifted voice soars smoothly through the slow-paced beat, exhibiting her formidable vocal range, which does an excellent job at recreating the sincerity of the lyrics in this piece, culminating in a sonic eruption of romanticism.

My Love is a passionate, anthemic bop with a likability that thrives on its tender and sincere approach.

Mature yet vulnerable on a fundamental basis, this new song encompasses all the aspects of a top-tier composition. For Dana Karic, all those years mastering her craft have paid dividends, and it shows in this melody and the entire LP.

If you are looking for a tune that exudes emotional intensity and virtuosity, then look no further than this.

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Words Javier Rodriguez

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