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Artist Entitlement

Canadian Reggae World | July 21, 2022
“Artist Entitlement”

I’ve had recent interaction with certain artists about their music / career over the years as well as recently and it truly made me resentful when I felt that some of these artists blame my work or lack of work for their demise

The vibe I have noticed from a couple of folks, is what I may describe as “entitlement”

By that I mean, they assume that I should drop what I’m doing to promote them and their music.  Mind you, some of said artists have no respect or regard for me or my work but still want I man to promote their music anyway?????

I must speak as humbly and as honestly as possible as I consider myself as an artist with my loves of illustration, music and the drum so I do relate to the need for positive validation for one’s creations


Because you choose to write a song or an album, does not mean that the world will automatically relate to, or love your music…  no matter how great that you think that it is

Let the fanbase decide.  Not your family members.  If fans like your music, DJs will find you

If you are already in your mid-thirties and over and you are not an artist of great reknown, your chances of international success are greatly diminished as a marketable brand.  The largest buyers / consumers of current music are youth.  Chances are, if you are past 35 with no history of charting or selling music, the odds are stacking up against your possible fiscal success as they do not relate to you nor do your music and lyrics relate to them

Fans like music and artists that the can relate to

If you are in your 40s and 50s telling me that, I personally, or CRW does not do enough to help your journey or that of Canadian Reggae, you are not focused enough on the person in the mirror

Some of you will not “make it”

Never make it

The statistics of life, is that the top 1% of the top 1% will make it in most endeavors.  The rest of the 99.99999% of us are just regular

De top a top

My ego tells me that I’m truly special, as it should, but not everyone else will agree that I am so special and I must accept this

So must you as a performer / songwriter

I’m not saying that one shouldn’t dream.  Our dreams keep our hopes alive and can  elevate our creativity to write and produce music but that does not make it an instant hit song

I initially started writing this out of anger based on a couple of recent conversations, when it felt like I was being blamed for the demise of the person complaining, then my compassionate soul kicked in and toned down my rage, as my artist energy kicked in

Not all of you are going to make it

More accurately, most of you won’t

Yet if some of those blaming me and the world for their failure, I’m suggesting that your focus is completely wrong and to revert your gaze and attention to the person in the mirror

My compassionate spirit tells me that art is another component of love

Making art is making love

The love is translated through lyric or the music or a combination of the two [or brush or pencil strokes], that melds with the fan/s.  That love and feeling is a spiritual energy and if your music does not resonate, continue in a loving path and you might find something substantial to self and to the world at large

If you blame CRW, Toronto Reggae, Reggaeville, Irie FM or any other outside source, believe me you are on the wrong track

Some folks will never ovastand that

A loving energy is my path and if I feel toxicity or venom, I avoid those energies, which is the reason that I do not vibe with everyone and do not work with everyone 

Reggae For Life

Reggae gives life, saves lives, helps life

For conscious humans ovastanding the balance of RasTafari

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